Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday out en femme, continued

Yesterday I was out the door en femme in time for the doors to open at Westfarms Mall.

I entered through the JCPenney entrance and when I discovered their 40% off dress sale, I never got beyond the JCPenney dress department.

I tried on about ten dresses. There were two to-die-for that were just too small and not available in a larger size. Others fit fine, but did not thrill me even with a 40% discount.

Next, I found some cute two-piece, jacket and skirt outfits. I tried one on and it looked very nice and fit perfectly despite being the same size as the two-to-die-for dresses that did not fit!

Schlepping through the dress racks and to and from the dressing room, my sweater dress let me know that it was too warm to wear a sweater dress. The jacket and skirt outfit was perfect for the hot and humid weather, so I purchased it for $41 (compared to the $70 list price), exited the mall, and drove to Diana's hacienda.

Before we left to go to Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) for outreach, I changed from the sweater dress to the jacket and skirt and immediately felt more comfortable. (I am wearing that outfit in the previous post's photo.)

We arrived at SCSU about 15 minutes before the first class, met up with Professor Schildroth and the other outreachers (six in all), then entered the classroom for the big show. Thirty students, the vast majority female, listened to each of our short biographies, then we divided the class for questions and answers.

In all my years of outreaching, it was the worst question and answer session I have experienced. The questions were good, but there was a lack of them. It was like pulling teeth trying to get questions out of the students. There are always lulls in question and answer sessions, but never such extended lulls as there were yesterday.

The second class we outreached in the late afternoon was not much better.

Viewing the student comments after the sessions, it was clear that a lot of the students were "uncomfortable" with us (one even used the word "scared.") They claimed that their discomfort made it difficult to ask quaestions.

Reading student comments at past outreaches, there are always a few that claim to be uncomfortbale, but yesterday, there seemed to be an epidemic of discomfort.

There were a few students, who made an effort to ask questions, but overall, the question and answer sessions were disappointing.

I did receive a couple of compliments that saved the day. Professor Shildroth took note of my weight loss and one female student complimented me on my proficiency in walking in heels. After her comment, a couple of other female students chimed in to agree with her assessment.

After class, four of us drove to USS Chowder Pot in Hartford for dinner. It was a new dining experience for me and when I visit a seafood restaurant for the first time, I often order the fried seafood platter. In this case, the platter included clams, shrimp, scallops, haddock, and french fries; it was the tastiest seafood platter I have eaten in a long time. Actually, I only ate half and took the rest home for a future meal.

The meal was excellent and our waitress only made it sweeter by constantly addressing us as "ladies."

After dinner, I drove Diana home, then drove myself home. It was a full and in many ways, a fulfilling day, but I could not wait to kick off my heels!


  1. Hopefully the students were just suffering from end of academic year torpor.

    As for JCP, I am constantly delighted at the selection and value there. You look terrific!

    Thanks for helping the rest of the world have a more open mind about our sorority.

  2. Petra --- You are always very kind!

  3. I keep telling you, wear 2" heels, you can walk all day in them and not hurt your feet.

    Also being a pair of flats to drive your standard... it makes it a lot more comfortable for the passenger :-)

  4. Diana --- Thank you for the advice! In the past, I've actually driven like Fred Flintstone when I forgot my flats.

  5. I'm trying to imagine what possibly could have made you and Diana "scary"! That's distressing.

    This is the end of the semester (our students are taking final exams this week), so maybe they just had sprained brains. You have my undying admiration for doing all of the outreach you do, and eventually I hope to work up the courage to do the same.

  6. Trish --- Thank you for the kind words.