Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a busy girl


I depart for my conference mid-morning tomorrow, stay overnight at approximately the half-way point Wednesday night, then drive the rest of the way on Thursday.

Thursday evening, I will be attending my board of directors meeting, where my fellow board members will be meeting Stana for the first time.

Friday and Saturday, I will be en femme staffing our booth at the conference, visiting the flea market and other booths at the conference, and attending forums of interest.

Friday evening, I will be attending our banquet, which is a business casual affair, and Saturday evening, I will be attending the big banquet of the weekend, which is a dressy affair.

Sunday, I return home.

With that schedule, I will be so busy that my postings here will be hit and miss, but I will try to post something every day. And you can expect a detailed posting (or postings) after the weekend is over.


  1. Travel safe, Stana. Have fun and good luck.

    Calie xx

  2. I hope to see you! I'll be in guy mode, but I will definitely come over to say "hi"!

    I feel like I want to wear a button everywhere that says, "I'm with Stana"!

    P.S.: Does this make you a "booth babe"? ;)

  3. Just wow. I envy you.

    You said you'll be "hit and miss". It sounds like mostly "miss".