Monday, May 17, 2010

750 miles

1005141 I drove 750 miles in 12 hours yesterday. Although I drove the same route that I took going to Dayton, there was a detour eastbound on I-70 in Columbus that added some unexpected mileage to my homebound total.

Anyway, when I arrived home, I unpacked, checked my mail, changed the “Femulate Her” image in the blog, and went to bed.

I already began writing an extensive trip report that I will post here later today. In the meantime, here is another photo from my trip.

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  1. Have you ever read Larry McMurtry's "Roads"? He set of to drive the great freeways, excepting I95 (of course?), and is absolutely wonderful.

    Longest I think I've done was 450 miles across California, on a small motorcycle. It took about 13 hours. And was quite an adventure!

    Carolyn Ann