Monday, May 10, 2010


luggage Whenever I mix a trip with boy and girl modes, I make a list of what to pack before I actually begin to pack because I learned the hard way that I might forget something without a list.

For my trip to the conference this week, the boy mode portion of the list is much shorter than the girl mode portion because I will be in girl mode most of the time. Yet, the list is still daunting because there is so much more to pack for girl mode.

My schedule includes two days traveling, two days attending the conference, and two nights attending banquets, which adds up to six outfits. I will wear the same outfit during my trip to the conference and my trip home, so that eliminates one outfit. But one of the banquets is a dressy affair, which means an extra set of accessories (dressy accessories to go with a dressy dress).

Not that I'm complaining; I'm just commenting!


  1. Dear Stana,

    Just curious, will you be traveling by air? It seems that might be particularly difficult with all the restrictions on luggage, carry-ons, and identity checks.

    And it gave me a chance to address you by your preferred name, finally. I like it.


  2. One of the many lovely privileges Stana. The extra care required to do it right is a nice form of catering to ones self, yes?

    Not a chore, more of an indulgence.

    Happy travels! I am sure you will see some people at the very best when they meet the you they have not yet met.

    Can't wait to hear the stories...

  3. Wendy --- It's a roadtrip, so no airline or TSA issues to worry about. And thank you for your kind words about my new name.

  4. Petra --- "Indulgence" is the perfect word to describe it!