Friday, July 25, 2008

still fat after 18 days

So far, my diet has been a disaster.

I lost four pounds the first day and came down with an intestinal bug that stuck with me for nearly two weeks. Then, I got on the scale this morning to discover that the four pounds I lost had now become one pound.

But, I am not giving up and will continue to try and lose 16 pounds by Labor Day.


  1. The pounds go on so easily but are so hard to take off.

    When I was younger, I use to joke that I was on a "See food diet"... I see food and I eat it. Now I joke that I am on a "See food diet"... I see food and I gain weight

  2. Diana --- Sadly, it is so true!

  3. Dear Stacy, I love your joke of the "see food diet" How about you change the defintion as such: You "see" your self in the mirror and you see the results of your diet?
    Remember we girls have to look good in our cloth's so stay slim. For me exercise and walking a lot; at least two miles a day really helps.
    Don't give up my friend.


  4. Devorah --- "See food diet" was Diana's joke, not mine, but it is still very true.