Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Staci

Reversing Roles When En Femme?

Dear Staci,

I was curious if as Staci you tend toward assuming/fulfilling the traditional female role in your relationship with your partner? Does your partner then assume/tend toward the traditional male role?

I have been seeing a woman who likes me as Hanna, likes me dressed as Hanna, but is not so sure she likes me assuming the female role if it means she assumes the male role. I am probably stuck in the "one of us has to be the man and the other the woman" relationship model. I know from what you have said you have a very successful relationship and I am curious about what works for you and your partner.



Dear Hanna,

The success of my relationship is that I have compartmentalized my boy life and my girl life. Therefore, I am the guy in my marriage and my wife is the gal. My wife tolerates my girl life, but does not want to be a participant and I am ok with that.

Best Wishes,


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