Sunday, July 6, 2008


Months ago, I received an e-mail from an artist, Tamsin Cornish, who wanted to incorporate some phrases from my blog into the trans-oriented paintings she was creating. I was honored by her request and have been in anticipation of her creations ever since.

Days ago, Tamsin e-mailed photos of the two paintings that incorporated my words. The two are titled Green Satin Shoes and Switching Modes.

If you look closely, you can see phrases interspersed throughout the paintings. Tamsin also sent me a close-up of Green Satin Shoes zoomed into the neckline of the dress where my following words appear: Why do I crossdress? Because it's fun.

I hope you will enjoy Tamsin's work as much as I do! Click on the paintings below for an expanded view and read more about Tamsin below her paintings.

Green Satin Shoes by Tasmin Cornish

Switching Modes by Tasmin Cornish

Close-up of Green Satin Shoes

About Tamsin: Tamsin Cornish lives in Surrey, in England and has just completed her joint degree, one side of which was art.

About Tamsin's paintings: My paintings portray personal glimpses into others' private lifestyles, lifestyles that most people would class as 'perverse' or 'unhealthy.' Using the real words of those who live out their desires, I have tried to open up the avenue of thought that these people feel happier and more complete living as they do, and to show that anyone could be living like this, but keep it so secret that no one would ever know. Rather than a damning of the unnatural, I wanted my paintings to be a journey to uncover and accept the unknown.

Contact Tamsin: ms.t.cornish @

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