Monday, July 14, 2008

good call

After a busy weekend, I sat down in front of the television to vegetate for the hour before I usually go to bed.

One million channels and there was nothing much on for 60 minutes that piqued my interest, so I watched the Miss Universe pageant.

I tuned in late and missed the introduction of the 80 contestants, however, I tuned in just as they paired the 80 down to 20. The first of the 20 was Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza.

Without seeing another contestant, I thought that Miss Venezuela should win. The other 20 were knock-outs and Miss Colombia Taliana Vargas was my second choice, but Miss Venezuela was outstanding in my opinion. By the way, I will mention for readers of my previous blog posting that another of the 20, Miss Mexico Elisa Najera, is 6 feet tall.

By the way, whenever I watch a pageant, my picks usually lose, so I did not have much hope for Misses Venezuela and Colombia. When the judges paired the 20 down to 15, I figured my losing record was intact because after announcing 14 of the 15, Miss Venezuela was not among the 14 (although Miss Colombia was). I was very surprised when Miss Venezuela was the last of the 15 to be announced.

Then, I went to bed and just missed Miss USA's trip down the catwalk in her evening gown.

After I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was check the results of the pageant. I was shocked: Miss Venezuela won and Miss Colombia was 1st runner up!



  1. One thing I've learned, in so-called "beauty pageants" at every level (from high school to Miss Universe and Miss World), the prettiest girl seldom wins.

  2. Laurie --- For sure, the girl who I think is prettiest seldom wins.