Thursday, July 31, 2008

not so fine

I live most of my life in boy mode and only spend a few hours per month in girl mode. Day-to-day in boy mode, I used to do next to nothing for my appearances in girl mode except to try and maintain my weight.

A couple of years ago, I noticed fine lines appearing around my eyes. As time passed, the fine lines became less fine and more noticeable and cosmetics did nothing to conceal the lines when I was in girl mode.

I am an Avon representative and as such, received a free sample of eye cream that was intended to help eliminate the lines. I looked in the mirror and thought, what do I have to lose and tried the free sample, applying it around my eyes every morning. (I also began using a moisturizer for the rest of my face.)

It did not take long before I noticed that the eye cream was working and after I used up the free sample, I bought some more. Four containers later, I look in the mirror today and many of the lines are gone and the ones that remain are less noticeable.

If lines are beginning to show up around your eyes, nip the problem in the bud. The product I use is Anew Ultimate Transforming Lift Eye Cream. It is expensive, but each container lasts a long time (four to five months).

There may be better creams available and your mileage may very, but I am happy with what I am using and will stick with it until someone proves to me there is something better that is comparable price-wise.

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