Friday, December 28, 2007

women resembling trans-sisters, part 2

Occasionally, I come across a photo of a woman, who looks like a man crossdressing as a woman. When I come upon such a conundrum, I will share it here for you to see (how catty of me!), as I did in my March 21 blog posting.

Today, I give you Mr. Jessica Simpson. In this photo, Jessica looks like he is wearing a cheap wig. Also, the cleft in Jessica's jutting jaw gives him such a masculine countenance that must make it difficult for him to deny his birth gender.

As I wrote here back in March, "I have nothing against women, who look like trans-sisters. They help us real trans-sisters to blend in society. They obfuscate the line between males and females, which makes it easier for real trans-sisters to pass."

1 comment:

  1. I've seen several photos of Jessica Simpson, especially where her wigs and/or hair extensions are a little too obvious, where she really looks a trans-sister.

    I'm really surprised that I've seen so few drag queens emulate and lip sync to Jessica Simpson.

    re: cleft: Photos of her when she was just starting out don't seem to show very much cleft. Is it the result of some facial plastic surgery?