Thursday, December 27, 2007

maximum speed no more

I use Revlon Maximum Speed pre-glued press-on nails. There is no bottled glue mess, I can put on a set in less than five minutes, and they usually stay on until I want to remove them. And they look good and have been the object of many compliments from other girls.

I have been buying my Max Speedies on eBay at prices that are half list price or less. However, they have not been showing up on eBay lately, so I went to the local drug emporium to buy a set. There were none to be had! There were other Revlon nail products (all requiring glue), but no pre-glued Max Speedies.

Next, I checked the Revlon Web site and it did not list the Max Speedies, so I assume they discontinued the product.

There are other pre-glued brands, so I guess I will have to switch brands. Too bad because I was a very satisfied Revlon Maximum Speed customer.

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