Sunday, December 9, 2007

flicks for chicks

I am a big movie fan.

I like a varied genre of film. There are only a few that I do not like: action films and slasher films. I also don't care much for feature-length animated films, but I love cartoons.

Although I love dressing as a woman, I do like films that appeal to manly men, for example, war films, especially World War II films, westerns, spy films (Connery's 007 are my favorites), mob films, science fiction, horror films, etc.

My guilty pleasure is the chick flick. (I am writing this just after watching Friends With Money.)

Perusing the list of 100 great chick flicks, I've seen most of them, liked most of the ones I've seen, and consider some of them as my favorite films of all time!

As a crossdresser, I guess liking chick flicks is just another expression of my inner chick.

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