Thursday, December 20, 2007

Annapolis "drag"

I have seen the January 6, 1947 issue of Life magazine on eBay numerous times and I always wondered about the caption on the cover (Annapolis "Drag").

I assume that "Annapolis" refers to the US Naval Academy in that city, but does "Drag" refer to a crossdressing event at the academy. Is that a Naval cadet in drag on the cover?

If anyone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it.


  1. Jonita WellsDecember 11, 2018

    Drag - A guest shown around the Academy by a Mid. A candidate for the Naval Academy can come to spend the day. Hosting such a drag give the hosting student "carry on"..

    1. Thank you! After 11 years, I finally have my answer!

    2. From a graduate: a drag refers to a midshipman's date. The term originated from the description of "dragging" a date around the "yard" (academy grounds) to show her all of the sights, something that must be done for each new date but that gets old for the Mid.

  2. Further comment: There are a myriad of local residents who allow girls to stay with them when the girls come to visit a Midshipman for a weekend. This provides a safe, inexpensive, and somewhat chaperoned place for the girls to stay. These places are referred to as "drag houses".