Monday, June 12, 2023

Visiting Friday on Monday

The mystery photo in Friday’s Femulator slot garnered one clue: the portrait in the image is King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands. The cis-gender woman and alleged femulator remained unidentified. 

Researching the matter, I discovered that King Willem-Alexander and his Queen Maxima are supporters of LGBT folks. In fact, the Queen attended a transgender symposium in Amsterdam in 2016. So that lends some credence that the taller woman the photo is a femulator.

Regarding Friday’s post, “Gender on My Mind,” Paula commented that if a person constantly questions their gender, thinks about gender, crossdresses, fantasizes about being a girl, a secretary, or wife, spends their whole life just contemplating this conundrum then you can conclude that that person is transgender. That fits me to a T!

Last week was stressful. A number of things went wrong topped off by a Friday night visit to the ER (for my wife, not me). Looking at a half full glass, my wife is OK now, the ER is only four miles from my home and we were back home by midnight.

And so it goes.

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Wearing Joie

Who wore it better?
Who wore it better?


  1. AnonymousJune 12, 2023

    Sorry to hear your wife had such a bad night, glad you were able to get her the care she needed my thoughts and prayers are with you both hope you have a better week ahead Paula G

  2. I think they both look lovely in coordinating goldenrod prom dresses and matching corsages.
    Did you see J Harrison Ghee and Alex Newell win their Tony awards? They both looked absolutely beautiful in their gowns. It really doesn’t matter if you’re born male or female, if you want to wear a gown you should! I for one am tired of seeing men in the same old penguin suits. If I never wear a jacket and tie again in this lifetime I will count myself as blessed.