Monday, May 1, 2023


The first time I visited a casino en femme was the first time I ever accessorized with a scarf. The scarf I wore was one of my deceased Mother’s scarves; I felt that she was with me throughout the evening and may have brought me some luck at the slot machines. I won $150 on a three quarter play. Thank-you, Mom!

Subsequently, scarves became an integral part of my wardrobe. Whenever I wanted to spiff up my outfit, adding a scarf did the trick. Today, I wear scarves more often than not.

My scarves often garner compliments from other women. En femme at work on Halloween a few years ago, our receptionist complimented my scarf, asked me how I tied it and I gladly showed her.

There are many ways to tie a scarf. Google “tie a scarf” and you will receive many suggestions. I have tried a few different ones, but usually I use the simple loop-n-through method illustrated here.

Besides being stylish, another benefit of wearing a scarf is that it provides a method of covering a prominent Adam’s apple. (Lucky me, I don’t have one.)

I highly recommend accessorizing with a scarf. Wearing a scarf is so ladylike. Don’t leave home without it.

How to tie a scarf – loop-n-through method

Source: Rue La La
Source: Rue La La

Royal Ascot
British femulators attending Royal Ascot


  1. I use to travel to Reading UK for business, my favorite pub was O'Neils near the train station. During Royal Ascot, I loved to want the travelers coming and going to the races. The ladies always looked so lovely. One time I even noted a pair of sisters coming back, and they looked smashing.

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2023

    A scarf looks ideal for hiding the edge of a breast plate and maybe an Adams apple as well

  3. Rachel McNeillMay 02, 2023

    Looking forward to attending the US equivalent of Royal Ascot this weekend. We're having a Kentucky Derby party on Saturday. I have a lovely "fascinator" to wear. Unfortunately my head is too large to wear most millinery designed for genetic women, so the sorts of over-the-top hats one sees on Derby Day are just not for me.