Monday, May 22, 2023

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Paula Gaikowski wrote, “Growing up in the times that we did transition was not an option, even if we had supportive parents and support from the medical community, the social acceptance of transitioning was just not available

“If things were similar to the environment we have today, where teenagers are given the option to crossdress and or transition, do you think you would have transitioned if you had supportive parents? Also, had you transitioned, what do you envision your life as a woman would have been like? What would your career path of been? Would you have gone on hormones? Would you have had surgeries, also marriage and sexuality? Inquiring minds want to know.”

Thank you for the questions, Paula.

Transition? I always said that if could do it over again, I would live full-time as a woman and I would have done so whether my parents supported me or not.

Career path? I love writing and am good at it, so I believe that I would have been a professional writer just as I had been on Earth One. Since I have always been a tech sort, I might have been a technical writer, but who knows – I became a tech writer by accident, so anything could have happened on Earth Two.

Hormones? I would probably do hormones to feminize my image.

Surgery?  No surgery because I don’t believe going under the knife unless absolutely necessary. (In my 72 years, I only had surgery when needed.)

Marriage? Only to another woman. (I am not attracted to guys.)

Sexuality? I would be a very tall lesbian.

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2023

    You said - " Marriage? Only to another woman. (I am not attracted to guys.) "Well 95% of cis women will Not marry a Transwoman and over 90% of wives who discover a well confirmed T-girl spouse , Divorce them ,and that’s the way it is .

  2. AnonymousMay 22, 2023

    Interesting "What if?" question. I'm going to hit 76 this summer. So, my entry level into legal adulthood was 1965. It's difficult to make an assessment of the "What if?" because I was a male. Looking through the lens of my wife who is four years younger than me, life was not all that great for women. I constantly hear from her stories of societal oppression of intelligent young women. Tails of woe in high school; basically second class citizens shuffled off to the kitchen or bedroom. Would an inquiring mind really want to have been a female in those years gone-bye? If one had a skill set to work behind the scenes and have a supportive wife, maybe it would have worked out.

  3. Re: Yet another modern couple (boy and girl)
    It is a common thing in the animal world, particularly with birds, for the male to be the flashier gender. Yet men have taken on the plain and ugly appearance.
    I absolutely REBEL against that idea. I wear dresses and heels, along with makeup to church on Sunday mornings. And I am frequently the ONLY bass singer in the church choir.


    1. AnonymousMay 22, 2023

      Do you dress like this and present male?

    2. I don't have a male presentation. No matter what I wear, even with a coat and tie, I still look like a woman, as I have a bosom (Bra cup size DD) and below shoulder length hair. But my speaking and singing voice is more masculine than most men as I am a bass.

  4. As to Paula's questions and your answers: for me, YES! to all of the above!