Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Mother’s Day Again

Fernanda and her Mom on a movie night
Fernanda, a regular Femulate reader from Mexico, related a wonderful Mother’s Day story. 

Fernanda was out to her mother and on Mother’s Day in 2003, her mother asked if she could accompany her “daughter” to a concert.

Fernanda wrote, “I opened my eyes in surprise and said ‘yes,’ it would be an honor if my mom accompanied me to the concert, especially on Mother's Day. That day was incredible for me, even though my mom had accepted my crossdressing for 15 years, now I could go out with my mom presuming to be her daughter.

“From that date on, almost every time I went out, my mother accompanied me until she died. We had many adventures and anecdotes that I remember with great affection. Now that I’m walking out the door, I realize I miss her a lot.”

By the way, Fernanda has dined en femme with her daughter on Father’s Day!

Source: Elisabetta Franchi
Wearing Elisabetta Franchi

Veit Alex
Veit Alex


  1. What a wonderful warm story!

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2023

    Fernanda's story is heartwarming. Her blog (in Spanish) is at For those of us with little or no Spanish, there are plenty of pictures.
    Penny from Edinburgh.