Saturday, July 17, 2021

Someday Funnies

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Elisabetta Franchi

Paco León
Paco León femulating for Spanish television's The House of Flowers


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2021

    Fwiw, I'm in the camp that's a little disappointed in "forced feminization" themes. I don't think that's on-brand, Stana! Deedee Poitevin.

  2. AnonymousJuly 18, 2021

    I love the 'hypnotized into feminization ' stories.

  3. I don't think that hypnotism stories , fantasy though they are, do any harm. Forced feminisation doesn't appeal to me mainly because if a male is forced to wear women's clothes, he won't become a woman in any way.
    Now, the idea of being led by a woman or women, into femininity is different. To have support and help to become the woman of ones dreams is a most enjoyable thought and sometimes possible. I know, having one day entered a friend's house as a man and left as a stylishly dressed woman several hours later.

    1. That "one day" must have been so wonderful!!

    2. Oh, it was. except for shoes, all the clothes were hers. I didn't want to give them back! later on she did give me other things. I can put a complete outfit together from what she has given me. Must do it again soon.

    3. By the way, my name is Lily, but my postings always come up as "anonymous".
      This is Stana's page, and long may it continue, but as a theme, I'm sure that I'm not the only person who gets extra pleasure from having and wearing clothes given by women friends. If I threw out tops and skirts, dresses, coats and lingerie that once belonged to others, my wardrobe would be considerably smaller.
      My favourite bra was old when given, which is why its owner gave it away and is now close to a life's end, but I'm loathe to get rid of it.

      There is a novel called, I think "the secret lives of clothes", about a young woman who inherited a second hand dress shop. She wrote an imagined little 'history' of each dress and put it in an envelope with the dresses to be sold. Every so often, I. give things to a women's club charity sale (via a friend) and wish that the item's history was with it. I probably know some of the buyers but I've yet to see any of my clothes being worn, but imagine, with a smile, the reaction of the ladies if they knew who had bought and worn with so much pleasure the dress, or skirt etc. they are now wearing