Friday, July 2, 2021

My Dream Theme

Last night, I dreamed that actress Kate Beckinsale uploaded a video to YouTube. The purpose of her video was to invite me to be her date attending the premiere of her new film.

Before I could respond to her invitation, I woke up.


I have not talked about my dreams in awhile. If you recall, I seldom remembered my dreams, but the ones I did remember were always trans-related.

That has changed.

I read how-to articles about improving one’s ability to remember dreams. As a result, most mornings I now know what I dreamed about the night before.

What is interesting is that I no longer have dreams in which I crossdress, rather my dream themes are random everyday occurrences that anyone may encounter. The only difference is that I am now a woman full-time in my dreams experiencing those random everyday occurrences.

How I became a woman is never given a thought; I am fully accepted as a woman in my dream world.


Caveat Emptor: This post is a re-post of a post from the past.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Likely Carolyn

Paula Gaikowski
Paula Gaikowski waiting for the train to London


  1. Seems dreams are common themed in this scene - if you'll forgive the rhyming. :)

    Also, fab photo Paula! You know how to make the rest of us jealous!


  2. Ah! in your dream you have accomplished your life long Dream!
    Now will Paula post A story about her out and about??
    Looks one of my dreams.....where I am in England.
    En femme OfCourse !!!

    Sara Blevins

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2021

    Dear Stan ,
    This is the 7th day of praying for your conversion from the Femulate religion to seeking Jesus , our only savior and only bridge to God . I believe I'm your only guy friend who tells you the truth .
    Sincerely , your only guy friend .

    1. As a born again, Bible believing, dedicated to Jesus cross dresser - I'd say you're not her "only" guy friend. There's a difference between prying for someone and harassing someone.

    2. AnonymousJuly 03, 2021

      Dear Julie & Stana ,       Well a week ago I decided I would Never comment or go to the Femulate blog again because of my Conflicted tremendous temptation with having transwoman trans-feminine desires and feminine feelings that I have. I came to Femulate because I felt very at home with other transwomen who have the same desires to dress enfemme . But then also I felt , what would Jesus do ? , would He just abandon the trans blog Femulate and say nothing at all and just Disappear ? So I made my last comments last week .So Stana , if you want me to Disappear from the Femulate blog  and Never comment again , no problem , just say nothing to this comment and I will understand and Disappear and Never comment ever again .

    3. I'm going to pitch in here too: I too am a Christian and a Bible-believing one at that. I've spent a good deal of my life reading the Word and praying earnestly to Him Upstairs on a number of topics. And, you know what, you could call me a Femulator (and more, but that's a story for another place). Him Upstairs does make mistakes, and He created me as I am, with everything that entails.

      Femulation isn't a religion, nor a cult, it's a support group. Offering support and aid to our neighbour, meeting them where they are and not where we are, those are the paths our Saviour calls us to walk. Jesus never preached to those that needed Him, He met and broke bread with them.

      And, yes, to echo - we know you aren't Stana's only guy friend, let alone the only one speaking truth. Break bread with the people here and meet them where they are. We all of us can learn new things from our fellow created beings. I feel that God is moving in *your* life if you're here. Stay a while, listen, He is whispering.

      Sincerely, your sister-in-Christ,


    4. *doesn't - Him Upstairs *doesn't* make mistakes.