Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Two for Tuesday

My Father Marianne

Min pappa Marianne is a Swedish film released earlier this year. 

The plot according to IMDb: “After breaking up with her boyfriend, 28 year old aspiring journalist Hanna decides to leave Stockholm and moves back to her parents and brother in her small hometown Alingsås. After getting a job at the local news station, her world is turned upside down when her father, who is a respected priest in the community, informs his family about his lifelong feminine side. Wanting to come out as Marianne, the whole family now have to deal with the consequences this might have for themselves, as well as for the community in large.”

You can view the film’s trailer on YouTube.

Looks very interesting! I hope it is available with English sub-titles real soon now. 

(Thank you, Aunty, for the wigs-up.)

Ginger’s Take

I have been exchanging emails with a new friend, Ginger, a feminine gay male. 

I asked him if I could pick his brain. He agreed and I asked him, “What do gay guys think of girls like me?”

Ginger responded, “Most gay guys would not be interested in girls like you -- most aren't interested in me and gay guys like me. Most gay men desire gay men who are masculine, like themselves.

“There is a lot of hatred masculine gay men have for feminine gay men. They blame us for society still not accepting homosexuality as normal and natural. They can be as mean, and even violent as homophobic straight men.
“Being a feminine gay guy, I like CDs because I have a lot in common with them. We both want to be pretty, and have our physical outer beauty appreciated. I love wearing and talking about wigs and hair; and while I don't want to dress in women's clothes to ‘pass’ as a woman, I do wear a lot of women's clothes to express my need to be feminine.”

Wearing Louis Vuitton
Wearing Louis Vuitton

After reading my “First Time Out” post, Terry sent me this photo of herself wearing the same Newport-News dress that I wore my first time exploring the world en femme. 


  1. Thanks Stana for asking Ginger some real questions.
    Thanks to you Ginger, also.
    As an elderly c-d'er, I am outside of gay culture, (if I were a woman, I would be a lesbian) and have no real first hand references to gay culture-- especially since COVID has disrupted our local groups.
    Perhaps the dialogue between you and Ginger (via questions, through email?)can be extended?
    Thanks, again.

  2. over the 20 years since i first came out of the closet, most of my public appearances whilst dressed have been on the gay scene. however, not because i feel have any more affinity with homosexuals than i do with with straights, but merely because they tolerate my presence as a similarly traditionally persecuted social minority. and as such i can relax and be myself, without having to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure i haven't picked up any unwanted attention. also with regards to ginger's opinions on what gay men are looking for sexually: i for one have never received any attention of that kind from the openly-gay clientele (be they of the masculine or feminine variety) of whatever bar or club i happened to be in!

    regarding someone else wearing the same dress (which i thought was great btw), that has not happened to me thus far. however, i once managed to acquire one in a charity shop, that i had spotted in a fashion catalogue many years earlier! i still have the pic of that, so hope at some point to have a photo taken of me in mine and then show them as a double-take (maybe here?). i do actually own a couple of identical dresses, but they are in different colour schemes. so maybe one day i can persuade a trans chum (or perhaps even a bio woman) that we step out together in them?

  3. if i may add to my above comments regarding the gay scene: my local one has attracted more and more straights over the last few years. and in a classic cuckoo-in-the-nest syndrome, young heteros mostly from lower classes have now completely taken it over at weekends. and in doing so, have ironically forced many of the original clientele to relocate to another part of the city that was previously the reserve of students and other alternative types. i haven't had to resort to that myself yet, as most of the "chavs" ("trailer trash" in american english) don't usually bother going there on weeknights (which since i came on the scene, i have always preferred to the full-on party vibe of weekends anyway). but all the same the damage has been done, as now on such nights you are now more likely to see tumbleweed than tranvestites going down the main drag (sorry)!

  4. I love that dress I need to find one