Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Worn Office Wear

I gave my daughter a ride to her doctor in downtown Waterbury. I sat in my car in an underground garage with my mask on while she went to her appointment in an office above me. The doctor’s office recommended that I not wait in their waiting room, which I agreed with wholeheartedly especially since it is a ears, nose and throat doctor

Due to the Trump Virus, it has been months since I was downtown, so it was nice to be there even with a mask on in an underground parking garage. It was particularly nice people-watching the folks entering and exiting the elevator next to where I parked.

The offices above me are a mix of doctor, lawyer and state government offices. So I saw a mix of people use the elevator including women who were dressed for office work. Women in skirts, dresses and heels are not extinct after all!

Source: New York and Company
Wearing New York and Company

Nigel Pegram
Nigel Pegram femulates Mrs. Westinghouse in the 1986 film Riders of the Storm also known as The American Way. In the film, Mrs Westinghouse is running for the U.S. Senate and a group of Vietnam vets attempt to sabotoge her political campaign by exposing a big secret – that she is a man!


  1. Looks like a real looneybin film. I'd love to watch it -- any suggestions? It's currently unavailable on Amazon. At first look, I thought the photo was of a contestant in a Betty White loo-alike contest.

  2. If my work place allowed it, I'd be there in hose and heels!

  3. "Women in skirts, dresses and heels are not extinct after all!"

    you made my day. I need some hope living in this grey and sad world