Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thor’s Day

Bill sent me this photo of happy Men in Dresses
Men in Dresses Dept.

I agree with MikkiB’s comment to the Men in Dresses post,  “For me, forget about those "femme-ish" fashions -- where's my dress??”

I am not a fashionista when it comes to men’s fashions. Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are my usual menswear, but when it comes to womenswear... well, you know.

No Posts Dept.

I have three big projects to finish by Monday. So please excuse me – new posts will be scarce for a few days.

Don't you love this outfit?

Mr. Niki Gordon
Mr. Niki Gordon, professional femulator, circa 1955


  1. A lot of femulators could not pull off that blue dress... flat where the dress should accentuate a curve... but our model seems to have that covered.. and I don't think it is just creative posing...

  2. RE: Femulate Her -- Heck Yeah! It's not often I like EVERY part of the outfit, but this one scores on all levels.

  3. Seeing my name "up in lights" had me thinking more about my post. I'm assuming we're not the "filthy rich" who dress differently than us. Those "femme-man" fashions have a significant "Oh, look at me" aspect about them. While our community is not without exhibitionists, I think the vast majority of us are much lower key and want to blend in. I think that goes for most of us whether we're in our dresses or those "other" drab clothes.

    I try to do the very best I can as Mikki and have way more nice outfits than my alter ego, but he has nice suits for when he ushers or attends theater events with people who don't know Mikki. Both of my "selves" are very similar, we try to look our best and not draw much attention.

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