Thursday, July 9, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Ms. Engineering 2011

The following comment to a post from December 2011 came across the Mojo Wire yesterday. It came from the winner of the 2011 installment of the spectacular Miss Eng’g womanless beauty pageant, which I wrote about here on a number of occasions. I decided to use the comment as a new post because you would have likely missed it at the bottom of a 9-yar-old post.

Hi, it's Ms. IE Club 2011.

I stumbled upon this page again because a friend was trying to search for our Ms. Engineering photos haha. Sadly, this blog and other YouTube videos are the only remaining memories of our Ms. Engineering batch because our Facebook page got deleted :/

I thought I could share with you my personal experience in joining and winning the crown. Our batch was probably the most famous one because we had one candidate that went viral because she looked like one of the famous actresses at that time (i.e., M.s GPs looking like Melissa Ricks).

I'd just like to echo Shukun, pretty much what Shukun thought about me was spot on. (See Shukum’s comments after this post.)

Preparation for the pageant was fun and challenging; practicing my catwalk in heels (I watch VS fashion shows as reference. Hello Candice!), learning how to dance and soften my hips (how do you even shake it like Beyonce), as well as braving the dreaded waxing day (yep, from shoulder to toe).

I was never the prettiest/hottest/cutest candidate out there. My pre-pageant pics were so-so (see photo above). Ms. GPs and Ms. KEM were really the famous ones there in terms of the pre-pageant photos. So coming into the pageant night, I knew I had my back against the wall.

Personality-wise, what I opted for is a bubbly and sassy lady on-stage. I knew I can pull that off since I'm somewhat like that in real life so it seems natural plus I just didn't have that sexy look as well as looking fierce so no point in trying to push for that. With my looks, I would say I was really pretty haha

During the pageant night, I just made sure that everyone notices me no matter where I am in the stage. I made cute perky waves to the crowds and the judges. Even if I was behind a line, I would point and wave to anyone I saw looking at me (of course not excessively to the point that your an attention grabber).

During my catwalk, I guess watching hours of VS really helped and I was able too pull off those twirls and sassy poses. My talent was just right... as I said I wasn't a dancer and add to that the contestant before was so famous and had a great number. Hard to follow on that.

Announcement of the Top 5 was nerve-wracking. Ms. GPs and I were the only ones left vying for the 5th spot. As expected almost everyone (except for my org) were cheering for Ms. GPs to get in. Also, did not help that I came from the most hated engineering org, so everyone was really against me. I was thinking “please make this a Top 6.” There was not a Top 6, but I was the one selected to be part of the Top 5.

QA time. I didn't think I would win as well because Ms. ARISE just gave the best ever answer in the entire history of Ms. Engg. Her question was “How would you like to be saved by your Prince Charming?” She said, “It does not matter how as long as I know he's there I know I'll always be safe” (something like that). The crowd totally lost it after hearing that.

True enough, the Top 2 was down to Ms. Arise and me. Again, everyone was just cheering for Ms. Arise. but fortunately, they announced that the winner was me (no Steve Harvey moment here).

I saw the score breakdown for the Top 5, which confirmed my guess that among the 5, I was the lowest during the pre-pageant, but pageant night, I had high scores. My QA was high as well.

That night was just surreal. Pretty long night, lots of preparation physically and mentally and just the electric vibe of the whole audience. It was an honor to represent my org and give it all my best, whether I won or not. I was just so happy to see the all-out support of my org and other fans I've gained. The crown was just the cherry on top.

Thanks Shukun for your wonderful comments! (BTW, are you from KEM?)

Hope you all liked my experience. Ask me anything you want! I'll drop by this blog from time-to-time.


Ms. Engineering 2011

Source: Collette
Wearing Collette

Paula, a British professional femulator in the 1930’s


  1. I've seen the "Miss Engineering" contest before, but never a commentary from a contestant. Myreaction was,"I'm glad I was sitting down".

    Holy *%#$! Our featured "Miss Eng'g" tells us her photo is "so-so"? And that she was "really pretty haha"! All I can say is that if I ever looked 1/3, or 1/4 for that matter,as pretty as her,I'd think I'd died and gone to femme heaven!

    Thanks, Stana, for posting this for us. Those Filipino/Filipina people are so attractive!

  2. The engineering school I attended was NOT like that!
    Mostly hapless nerds, both students (me included) and faculty.

  3. AnonymousJuly 10, 2020

    Curious as to whether Ms. IE Club 2011 femulated afterwards.