Tuesday, May 8, 2018


I always overpack.

It has not been an issue so far because airlines have not been involved in my travels, but multi-day trips involve packing my Subaru to the brim.

I took eight pieces of luggage to Provincetown for my first trip to Fantasia Fair for an eight-day stay.

My Hamvention trips usually involve four or five pieces of luggage for a four-day stay.

The only time I economized was for my four-day trip to New York City. I only had three pieces of luggage because I was traveling by train.

I always bring stuff that I never use: extra dresses, extra hosiery, extra bras, extra panties, extra shoes, extra nails, extra jewelry, extra etcetera.

Usually, I plan ahead with a spreadsheet and know what I am going to wear for each day of my trip, but I still overpack. One piece of luggage that I know I should leave home is my makeup box. It is a large tackle box that I bought at Walmart that is chock full of makeup. Who needs 30 shades of lipstick for a four-day trip

One time when I was moving my luggage into my hotel room. I was in boy mode carrying my makeup/tackle box and as I passed two guys in the hall, one said to the other, "He's going fishing!"

A week from now, I will be packing for my four-day stay in Ohio to attend Hamvention. I hope I can do it with three pieces of luggage. I'll let you know how I do.

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  1. If it fits in the car you didn't overpack!

  2. AnonymousMay 08, 2018

    Yes, I have this overpack "problem" too, but you know, better be prepared than sorry :) Nice trip, godspeed!

  3. Ah, overpacking. That does ring a bell :-)

    I hope your trip goes well.

  4. my wife packs like the boy, leaving me to pack like the girl. But even though she isn't a fan of my feminine side, we both appreciate hearing male passengers at the train station say "Ladies, let me help you with those bags!"

    Have a great time on your trip...