Thursday, May 10, 2018

If sugar and spice and everything nice was a boy thing

The boys in Girls & Boys

Stephanie Sometimes wrote, "Some time ago you posted a movie trailer for a Swedish film called Girls & Boys. The premise was that girls wore jeans, tees and Keds while the boys wore skirts, dresses, heels, hose and makeup like the boys in the photo from the film (above).

"My question is if I was living in that reality being a guy in silk satin and lace, would I still desire to wear the clothing of the opposite sex like I do in the real world I exist in now. I wonder if your followers have opinions on this subject.

"I know I would be in heaven to live in that alternative reality, but would my desire to be the opposite sex drive me into the drab 'boy' clothes that the girls wear in the film?"

Comments, opinions, what say Femulate readers?

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Janek Traczy
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  1. If men were the ones who wore the dresses, skirts, heels, and makeup for formal wear I as a man would not care for a hill of beans to wear the coat, tie, and boat anchor shoes women would be wearing.

    Currently men's formal clothes are drab, dull, and monotonous. I believe the term "men's fashion" to be an oxymoron.

  2. I want to live in a world where everyone, male and female, has the freedom and opportunity to dress and behave as masculine or feminine as they wish at any given time. Women have fought long and hard for the freedom so many of them enjoy to choose just how feminine they present themselves on any given day. Factors such as the weather and anticipated activity for the day have some influence, but I know a lot of women who choose to wear dresses and makeup every day. I know others who hate dresses so much they don’t even own one. I think most women in America fall into the category where they typically choose pants but will wear a dress if the circumstances or occasion warrant it. And I’ll bet after a day in a lovely frock getting compliments galore, they will admit that they really do feel the unique joy one gets from presenting as graceful and pretty in a dress. While many women would describe the advantage of being male as “doing whatever you want whenever you want to”, wearing a dress is not one of those accepted activities. I refuse to accept this limitation. I know in my heart that wearing pretty dresses is the right self-expression for me. And on the first nice sunny breezy day of spring, I did just that. I wore a bright floral fit and flare dress with pantyhose pumps and a crinoline. I visited 7 stores and took a stroll by the river. It felt wonderful!

  3. AnonymousMay 10, 2018

    Hi Stana, a little off on a tangent; you may have come across this before. The Two Ronnies were a British comedy duo with a sketch show in the 70's and 80's. Each series would have sketch series. On season the story was of a Britain where women ruled, and traditional gender roles were largely reversed. Of course it was very sexist humour, and style, costumes etc, but it was of its time. The story was called The Worm That Turned. It can be found on YouTube and here is a link to the first episode. I know you have a great knowledge of films, tv etc with regard to gender issues so this might be of interest if you haven't come across it before. Loving the blog as usual

    Jenn x

    1. Hi Jenn,

      Thank you for the Two Ronnies link. I loved their implementation of gender role reversal except for the uniforms worn by the female storm troopers. If women ruled, the boys would be wearing those outfits, not the women.

      Best Wishes,


    2. In the animal world males are more colorful than females. Look at lions, cardinals, mallards, etc. In particular consider the dazzling peacock as compared to the peahen.

      Humans in current Western civilization have it backwards. Look at formal occasions where women wear dazzling outfits while men wear their drab monotonous tuxedos with the penguin look.

    3. I have been a constant reader of your blog for years but have not been moved to reply or comment until now.

      I have seen explanations throughout my crossdressing life of how crossdressers are drawn to wear woman’s attire because of it being softer, more comfortable, or the idea that woman’s clothing allows us greater expression in color and texture. These may be logical arguments from someone on the outside trying to understand our predilection and desires, but they miss the one truly simple fact that rules my want to dress as a woman...

      Simply put, I want to wear what women wear!

      If I lived in Bedrock, I would be gravitating toward the Wilma and Betty skins as opposed to the Fred and Barney skins, complete with that big rock around Wilma's neck.

      If I lived in the Victorian Age, I would be wearing a corset and bustle right now, with my hair pinned up and those uncomfortable looking high heeled boots with the buttons up the side.

      If I were in the 1920's, I would probably be torn between the modest styles of the first part of the 20th century and the flapper rage of the new exciting times. I'm sure flapper would win out.

      If I lived in the 50's, I would be sporting my best Donna Reed shirt dress with bullet bra, girdle, garters, hose and heels.

      If I had actually been of age in the 60's, it would have been go-go boots and miniskirt.

      If we lived in the 80's, it would be taffeta and big hair, and I did live in the 80's.

      But here we are and, by the grace of God, we have made our way through 17% of the 21st century. Fashions change, trends change, acceptance and non-acceptance changes, but men still wear what men wear and woman still wear what women wear. That is, except for some of us who go against the grain.

      So in keeping with that philosophy, and it the poles flip flop to the point of men wearing the dresses and women the jeans and tee's, I would have to flop as well and stick with the girls. The texture might not be as comfortable, but the inner peace would be.

      Once again, great blog,

    4. I´ll love to watch this movie! Where can we find it???

    5. Me too, Bebe. I searched high and low, but I have been unable to find it.

  4. AnonymousMay 10, 2018

    If I could wear dresses or skirts everyday and it was what men wore, not only would I be infinitely happy but I would no longer be a crossdresser

  5. I don't know how this fits in with the thread but a number of years ago I said to my mother, "if I had been born a girl I would probably want to be a boy." It was an honest, from the heart observation of my own feelings about gender. It is as natural for me to question my gender assignment as it is for the masses who simply take their assigned gender for granted.


  6. AnonymousMay 10, 2018

    If men had to wear skirts or dresses and women had to wear trousers there would be fewer m-f cross dressers
    Trousers are so uncomfortable compared to skirts that only m-f transexuals would want to wear them
    That would sort the boys from the girls


  7. I think that Ellen has hit the nail on the head. If the gender norm that you feel you are or want to be seen as wears trousers, dresses or whatever, then that is what you will want to wear.



  8. I can't imagine a garment so ill-suited to men as trousers. You have that wedge of cloth poking into a man's privates. A man has to tuck his testicles into one of the legs of the trousers.

    Men's wearing of trousers came about because they rode horses. We no longer ride horses but men's wearing of trousers continue on, as unsuited as they are to the male anatomy.

    Testicles hang below the body so they can be cool. So society demands men wear clothing to deny air circulation to the privates.

  9. In general, i would posit that clothing is about the dynamic of 'power' associated with the wearer. at present time those things 'feminine' in style are those connected to sex-roles in submission to the other sex seen as dominant. At current time that is all that previously only genetic Females wore.

    Once Females issued desire to find fulfillment in roles other than secondary great sociological change emerged in which their dress tended to copy aspects of 'masculine' garb - slacks instead of skirts, 'man-tailored' shirts suits etc slowly replacing blouses and dresses, etc. Females entered all education, workplaces and businesses and proved themselves with even equal opportunity actually superior to males. THIS INCURRED EARTH-SHAKING CHANGE in the self-concept of self and sex.

    The myth of male ego fully exposed and ultimately the male being proven increasingly the truly 'weaker' and inferior sex seems gradually leading to a norm of TOTAL reversal of previous misconception of the strengths and differences of what thought 'masculine' and 'feminine'. It shall continue to reverse toward a fully Gynocratic system quite mirror-image of the past, and because it is based on the ACTUAL superiority of the Female in so many areas, it shall NEVER again turn back... Woman being Female and so proven far more exceptional will not allow it to happen again!

    Accept it or not... 'Sex' has much more to do with it than 'gender' and as a sex - the Female Is Victor.

  10. You DO have to have females for reproduction. Some species can have offspring without males, a process known as parthenogenesis. Males exist to ensure genetic diversity.