Sunday, May 6, 2018

Keep on High Heelin’

In my youth, I felt that I was not dressed unless I was wearing high heels. I wore high heels as often as possible and the higher the better.

I was following my mother's lead (like mother, like son) ― she always wore heels. So as her female son/male daughter, I always wore high heels, too.

In my maturity, I know about the pitfalls of wearing high heels and I know that wearing high heels does not define you as a woman. Most women my age know better and shun heels, yet they are still women

Nevertheless, I still like to wear high heels and I usually do. Recalling that AARP commercial about a woman of a certain age who knows her way around miniskirts and can run in high heels always inspires me to keep on high heelin'.

But since my feet are not as pliable as they used to be, I have to search out the most comfortable heels if I plan to wear them for more than a few hours as a time. (Who What Wear has some good tips regarding "How to Stand in Heels for 8 Hours Without Killing Your Feet.")

I hope to be able to continue to wear high heels for a long time. I know I will try hard to do so. And maybe someday they'll say, "She died with her stilettos on."

Note 1: This post is an edited rerun of a post from 2015. 
Note 2: The accompanying photo is significant to me personally because the framed photo on the wall behind me is a photo of my mother.

Source: JustFab
All shapes and sizes (Source: JustFab)

Source: Le Femme Finishing School
All shapes and sizes (Source: Le Femme Finishing School)


  1. One point (OK, pet peeve) I would say, Stana, which I am sure does not apply to YOU... some women want higher, higher, higher so much they cannot WALK in them. they put their whole foot down at once, or even :: shudder:: the toes or ball of the foot.
    Much better to glide in 3" than clomp in 5".

    You, I am sure, are graceful in whatever you choose.

  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2018

    You are fortunate that you can still wear high-heels. I, too, loved wearing heels (though 3" was about my limit) but I can no longer due so as I have balance problems. Ah well, I still present as a woman and enjoy it.