Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Recently, I received an e-mail from Miss Z bemoaning the fact that her face is too masculine, so she never presents as a woman in public because she fears being ridiculed as a man in a dress.

Over the years, I have received similar complaints from other readers, for example, Miss K once wrote, "It's easy for you to go out – you are drop-dead gorgeous! But it's not so easy for the rest of us who are not born with gorgeous genes!"

Thank you, but I assure you I was not born with gorgeous genes. In boy mode, no one mistakes me for a woman. Although I don't have a craggy-face like Tommy Lee Jones, I also don't have the beautiful visage of Catherine Zeta-Jones. I just don't slip on a dress and heels and look like Stana – I have to feminize myself before I can approach drop-dead gorgeousness!

In this and near future posts, I plan to write about some of the things I have learned and used to feminize myself.

Day-to-Day Maintenance

I do not present as a female everyday, but I perform maintenance on my body everyday to enhance my female presentation on those days I do.

I shave my face and neck daily with a Philips Norelco rotary electric shaver.

When I am finished with my face and neck, I shave other parts of my body. One day, I do my legs, another day, I do my arms. My breasts, shoulders and back are also part of this daily routine. So over a four- or five-day period, I shave all the parts of my body that may be exposed depending on what I wear as a woman.

Being an Avon lady, I occasionally receive free samples. About 15 years ago, I received a free sample of a product to deal with wrinkles around the eyes. Looking in the mirror at the wrinkles developing around my eyes, I decided to try the free sample.

After a week or so, the wrinkles were less noticeable. After a few weeks, I had to examine my eyes closely to find the wrinkles. So, I was sold on the eye cream and currently use Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System every morning.

I also moisturize my face and neck in the morning using Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer. After many, many years of shunning skin care, I began using a moisturizer after my success with eye cream and it made a huge difference. My skin is smoother, more supple, healthier-looking and my makeup goes on easier and looks better.

I also moisturize my feet every morning using Avon Foot Works Intensive Moisture Foot Cream. I began moisturizing my feet about 18 months ago and it has made a big difference. Before I began moisturizing, my feet were drop-dead ugly. There was no confusing my feet for a lady's. Eighteen months later, my feet are actually pretty! My thigh highs and pantyhose slip on and off easily; no longer getting hung up (and running) on a callous or other dry skin anomaly. And my high heels feel more comfortable on my silky, smooth feet.

About six months ago, I received a tube of Avon Foot Works Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel which was bundled with a purchase of the Avon foot cream. Since I was already stripped down to my panties when I moisturize my feet, I decided to try the gel on my legs. The gel's function is to refresh and soothe tired, achy legs with a "cooling gel featuring peppermint oil." I liked the way the gel feels and smells and it feel when I massage the gel into my legs, so it is now a part of my morning routine.

Until last year, I maintained my weight. For about 45 years, I kept my weight within a five-pound range. Whenever it edged up five pounds, I would take measures to bring it back down.

About a year ago, I started a diet. It was simple; nothing drastic. I just cut down on my sugar and bread intake and tried not to eat in between meals and by June, I lost 20 pounds.

I don't have to tell you how that missing 20 pounds improved my female presentation. I dropped two dress sizes, lost my back fat, dropped one shoe size, thinned my face, improved my figure and overall, felt better not to mention, more feminine.

Finally, for what it’s worth, I have never smoked in all my 66 years and I seldom drink alcoholic beverages (I probably average less than one glass of beer per month). I am sure that has contributed to my appearance and enhanced my ability to femulate.

Source: HauteLook
Wearing Catherine Catherine Malandrino (Source: HauteLook)

Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis
Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis femulating in the 1959 film Some Like It Hot.


  1. Good post, will have to.try that Olay complete all day moisturizer and the Avon foot cream.

    Thanks for sharing and I have to agree cutting out sugar and bread really helps with weight loss.

    Also not drinking alcohol helps too.

  2. Sally StoneJanuary 10, 2018

    It is so true that not all of us possess those desirable female characteristics and for too many years I let that concern inhibit my feminine self expression. Then I decided that I was letting social constructs of beauty interfere with my desire to be who I wanted to be. I'll never be a Catherine Zeta Jones, but when I take the time and effort to make myself look pretty, in the mirror I see a woman staring back. I realized long ago, the only critic I needed to please was myself. That realization was liberating and has led to complete and satisfying self expression.



  3. Allie ThompsonJanuary 11, 2018

    Hi Stana, in the picture for this post, you are wearing eyeglasses. Are those prescription, or are they just for show? I love the look of feminine eyeglasses, but not sure where to get frames and lenses that are not prescription. If those in the photo are not real, where did you get them? Cheers, Allie.

    1. Hi Allie! They are prescription eyeglasses. I need glasses for driving and reading and wear them all the time in boy mode, but seldom wear them unless I am driving in girl mode. The glasses I am wearing are a woman's style frame in burgundy that I bought online from They sell lots of styles at very reasonable prices and they definitely sell them without prescription lenses if that is what you want (select the NO RX option when ordering).

  4. If you want your face to look soft and smooth you have to look after it like a woman would
    If you want a size 16 waist you have to eat the same amount as a size 16 woman
    Stanna you have not missed anything by not smoking, I smoked for for about 10 years
    Giving up was the best thing I have ever done

    1. I tried smoking one cigarette in my late teens. After coughing and choking, I wondered why anyone would spend good money on such an unpleasant experience. I never smoked a second cigarette.

  5. Hi Stana
    As you look so good I must give your advice a try.

  6. I too like your glasses frames. I am a BIG fan of large lens frames on women. I feel they positively frame the eye, and help create an 'affirming female face'. I have found MANY great womens glasses frames at various thrift stores-- $.0.50 per pair! Re-lens is about $30.00 . Some frames were actually coincident with my prescription!
    My compliments to your photo in this posting. Also your bustline appears 'more bodacious' in this pic than in your other pics......? ncmarko

    1. Although Mother Nature was involved, you can thank Victoria for the more bodacious bustline.

  7. Hi Stana It’s me again, Melissa. After your recommendation of Avon products, I visited their website for a peruse and placed a small order. I then found the courage to specify delivery by one of their reps local to me. I have already received an email from the rep and she was very helpful suggesting a promotion which reduced the overall cost of the order! Her visit should be pleasant and interesting.


  8. I wish I had the guts to go out in public looking all sexy. I don't have anyone to go with. almost nobody even knows about my femme side. Hats off to all who do go out, wish I would.

  9. More people might be afraid to shave arms cause hair is thinner there compared to other zones of their body