Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday's Brief Femulations

In My Dreams Dept.

Dreamed about my first day at work as a woman. It was an office setting and everyone treated me respectfully.

Last thing I remember was a male co-worker asking me if my voice was the result of a physical problem and me making a mental note to work on my femme voice.

Beyond the Tipping Point Dept.

Juan's blog is now showing the Fall 2018 menswear collection from Palomo Spain. My favorite outfits from the collection are in the two photos below.

Wait 'Til Next Year Dept.

I have been an utter failure at keeping my only New Years resolution, that is, to stop using the F word (and all of its derivations).

Man/Woman at Work Dept.

Except for a few freelance writing jobs, I am pretty much retired and still trying to decide what to do for my encore.

It is not like I am twiddling my thumbs all day long. I am busy at home as Mr. Fix-It and Mrs. Housewife, but I need to get out more, preferably as a woman. Volunteer work is attractive, but it would be nice to bring home a little income, too.

Any ideas?

Source: Wholesale 7
Wearing Wholesale 7 (Source: Wholesale 7)

Veit Alex
Veit Alex, male womenswear model

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  1. I think that working in jewelry store or makeup counter or clothing store is probably best for you but what about working reception at a small firm as well? not too stressful and might bring some not too bad income