Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Femulations

Put Out the Fire Sale Dept.

My favorite clothing store, Dress Barn (aka Roz & Ali) is having a big clearance sale and the prices are to die for! For example, two dresses I bought this fall for about $49 each are now on sale for $14.99 each!

No Neutrality Dept.

Has anyone else noticed that their Internet access is slower since Trump's FCC killed net neutrality? My access via Comcast has slowed down noticeably the last two weeks. I hope it is due to something else, but I suspect the worst.

End of an Era Dept.

Aunty Marlena sent me this bit of anti-femulation news... "The Hasty Pudding Theatricals, an irreverent Harvard theater troupe that has not cast women since it began staging productions in 1844, announced on Thursday that, for the very first time, it would encourage women to audition this year."

I hope they did not make this decision in haste!

Fictional Femulating Dept.

The word "femulate" (which was invented for this blog) is now showing up in crossdressing fiction. The latest appearance of the term is in Amanda Hawkins' recent tale "The Feminization of Geofferson Janeway."

Source: Rent the Runway
Wearing Nicholas (Source: Rent the Runway)

Mariusz Ostrowski
Mariusz Ostrowski femulating on the Polish television version of Your Face Sounds Familiar.


  1. YUP! Strangely, our net speed thru a Verizon hotspot has slowed to a crawl. Just one more reason to HATE the current so called 'leader'.

  2. Please take a moment to review "Emily's Virtual Rocket". ( This has reviews of transgender life, plus a critical view of Donald Trump. Here’s what I cover:

    1- Donald Trump
    2- international (random)
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    Emily Shorette

  3. Thanks for the plug, Stana! :-)
    Amanda Hawkins

  4. I have not noticed any difference in the Internet speed with Frontier FIOS. In my area (DFW area, Texas) we have a competing Internet provider, Spectrum. Maybe competition forces the speeds to be maintained.

  5. The repeal of net neutrality has not yet happened ...

  6. Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by ... Comcast.

    Seriously, the whole time we lived in Portland, they sucked. When we escaped the Metro, Comcast even tried to claim my cable modem was theirs. When I said, "You wouldn't rent a modem this bad to customers for $5 a month", the response came back, "Yes we do."

    Also, I think you're being too hard on Hasty Pudding. A woman could want to express herself as a drag queen just as much as a man -- look at Allison Janey's SAG awards outfit. She looked fabulous ... but, c'mon, she knew what she was going for with the look.

    Mila Kunis would have made a *great* Hasty Pudding member.