Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Nailing It with Your Eyebrows

Tammy, had this to add to my Self-Feminization: Brows post.

I loved your article on eyebrows. Most girls have no idea how important improving your eyebrows can be. By having my eyebrows waxed once a month, I find I can navigate either world quite easily. By having trimmed eyebrows, you add just enough ambiguity so that others just aren't quite sure if you are a man or woman. It then takes very little extra to help them decide.

I live in the north where we get cold winters and we need to bundle up for shopping. Let me share a couple examples of what happens when I go out with a close shave, trimmed eyebrows, gender neutral winter clothes and a stocking cap.

Last week I went into a shoe store and was asked if they could help me find something. I just said I was looking to see what they had for sale. The saleswoman then asked, for men or women. Without any gender-specific clothing visible, I doubt that without nicely-trimmed eyebrows they would have asked that. They would have just sent me to the area where men's shoes were on sale.

I asked for women's shoes and was directed to that area. Awhile back my wife and I were leaving the grocery store with me dressed the same way. As we left, the cashier said, "Have a nice evening, ladies." Wearing less "gender neutral" clothing, I make it easy for others to put me in the "camp" I desire. When I dress fully feminine, the eyebrows don't give me away.

So how do you go about achieving these results? I started with the person that cuts my hair. She does both men and women's hair as well as eyebrow waxing. She always trims eyebrows of both her men and women clients. All it took was a couple of times saying, "I wish my eyebrows weren't quite so thick because it gets my glasses greasy," for her to say, "Well, we could always wax them." I said, "Sure, I'll give it a try."

I now have it done every month when I have my hair cut. After that, it was just fine-tuning the waxing with comments like "Maybe just a little thinner so they don't rub on my glasses," "How about a little arch at the end so they aren't so close to my glasses," "Maybe a little shorter because they grow so fast." And before you know it, I had eyebrows that work in either world.

If I go to a stylist in an area away from home, I just tell them I want them waxed very femininely. No one waxing my eyebrows has ever complained and not taken my money. Also, no one I know socially has ever asked me about my eyebrows. If someone ever did and I was the least bit concerned about their comments, I could always say, "I have them trimmed so they don't rub on my glasses" or "the woman that cuts my hair trims my eyebrows and got a little carried away." But being retired and not caring so much about what others think, I'd probably say, "Yes, I really like them, what do you think?"

With my eyebrows waxed and this knowledge, I feel comfortable going into any store shopping for clothes, regardless of the gender. If I want to go one step further, I just put on a stocking cap that is a little more feminine, then there's no question in most saleswomen's minds.

The results I shared so far are just wearing mainly gender-neutral clothes. Let me end by telling you about the last time I went out with a nice little black dress, full makeup, wig, etc. I stopped in a shop where the saleslady has helped me in both boy and girl mode (and know it's one person). Her comment was "Wow, you really nailed it!"

Source: Bebe
Ain't that the truth! Wearing Bebe (Source: Bebe)

Billy Budd
Billy Budd, professional femulator in 1932


  1. Sally StoneJanuary 24, 2018

    Tammy, you are so right. Little things, like eyebrows can make all the difference. Of course, I'd need more than gender neutral clothing and carefully sculpted eyebrows to be mistaken for a woman, but I do find that working on the details of my appearance really helps with my feminization. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you - and Stana - for these articles on eyebrows. I have always know how important feminine eyebrows are to presenting as a woman, but until this past year I have been in a tricky position to do anything about it. Not the least reason being I had no one to confide in as to how much trimming was needed, how much was too much, and the like. It has definitely made a difference in my life - not just in my appearance but also in my confidence level when out and about. I used to wear my hair in long bangs to try and hide my brows, now I'm wearing less of a "bowl cut" look! Ladies, if you have never addressed this issue in your life, do it now. It will help you feel SO beautiful!

  3. I've read studies which found that as a rule, women's eyebrows are higher and men's are lower. Obviously this is not true for everyone, but for most it might be best to pluck hair only from the bottom, to reduce the masculine appearance.

  4. Tammy and Stana, I'll add my little bit to what you and others have said. Eyebrows DO make a difference! I have mine waxed (along with having my nails done) once or twice a month. Norma treats me as just another woman (love the girl talk!) and it is such a treat just to be one of the ladies.