Friday, September 8, 2017

Why do you wear high heels?

The truth is that wearing high heels can be an adventure.

Walking gracefully in high heels is a learning experience. Once you learn how, usually after a lot of missteps, you still have to deal with the potential pain.

At the end of a high heel session, your feet often hurt. And depending on your feet and your shoes, the pain may begin after eight hours or after one hour. Yet, many of us will continue to wear high heels no matter how much pain we may experience.

Some wise man once defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

So are high heel wearers insane?

I will admit that when I slip on a pair of heels, I hope the experience will be pain-free. And sometimes it is, yet at the end of the day, I am still happy to remove my heels!

Abby of Vivian Lou fame mentioned that the former editor-in-chief of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman said, "Wearing a heel gives you a completely different feel about your body. In my case, it makes me feel in control."

Abby added, "Dolly Parton has said she wears heels to lift her spirits, shoe designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal wears heels to feel taller, sexier, more confident, powerful, and glamorous, Harper's Bazaar global fashion director Carine Roitfeld wears heels to move, sit and speak differently, fashion designer Monique Lhuillier wears heels to feel empowered and rocker Lita Ford wears heels for attitude."

Like they said and I wear heels because my mother was my role model. Whenever Mommy dressed up, she wore heels. So whenever I dress up, I wear heels ("like mother, like daughter").

What's your excuse? Why do you wear high heels?

Source: Nine West
Wearing Nine West (Source: Nine West)

Veit Alex
Veit Alex, male womenswear model


  1. ... because they are beautiful and confer a little of their magic on me :)

  2. Heels and hose give me the quickest, strongest and most assuring connection to my 'T' side. If I cannot find the time to get fully dressed simply wearing heels and hose provides so many good feelings that come from no other source.
    Is there pain involved...yes to some extent from time to time but the discomfort is outweighed by the comfort I get from wearing my heels.

  3. I used to be stilettos and hose all the time. Then once, at a more casual outing, I bought and tried a pair of wedges. They look good (I admit, heels look better) and can be REALLY comfy. Often, if it's not a dressy occasion, I go with some pretty wedges now.

    But still always a dress or skirt. :)

  4. Julie M ShawSeptember 08, 2017

    Heels are one of the "forbidden fruits" for men - specifically pumps. Nothing makes me feel more feminine than a 3 or 4 inch heel. My walk naturally becomes more swishy, and I feel like I can do anything. Well, I still can't tap dance in pumps yet. But I'm working on it! ��

  5. I feel Femme & also empowered
    Love to look down & see heels on my feet. Also I walk more like a woman & they are so pretty to shop for,

  6. Heels, to me, are a definite must when it comes to dressing. They make me feel and look more feminine, plus I love the change in my walk and the sound of the heel on any hard surface.

  7. I mostly wear flats because heels hurt my legs and, as you've mentioned in the past, they add unwanted inches to my height. If the outfit calls for them though I will wear heels and suffer the consequences later.

  8. I wear them because I like them and I feel good in them. Pain aside I love them.

  9. I just don't conceive being a woman and not wearing heels, my mom wore them always, my aunt and grandmother too, so probably it's part of my education. Also, let's be honest, why would you go all the way and stop exactly where the fun starts?
    In Spain they have a saying: "High heels were made to announce when a gorgeous woman is coming in"
    And what is not to love about all options available =)