Friday, September 29, 2017

Girdling My Loins

My diet has been very successful. Maybe too successful because I now have some loose skin where there used to be firm fat particularly on my thighs.

I am taking non-surgical steps to tighten the loose skin, but in the meantime, I am girdling my loins. I purchased a high-waisted long leg shaper or old school "girdle." It is from Rago and it is just like the girdles my mother used to wear — the girdles I borrowed from my mother when I started down the femulating path.

I also bought a Rago long line bra. I am hoping that with my weight loss and the combination of high-waisted girdle and long line bra, that I can forgo wearing a waist cincher, thus lightening my foundation garment regime.

A nice feature of this Rago girdle is that it has a slit in the crouch crotch that allows you to urinate without removing the girdle. (I have owned girdles that do not have this slit and in those cases, I have opened up the seam and created my own slit.)

Another nice feature is the built-in removable garters and clips, a feature that is often missing in 21st Century girdles and shapers.

The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes
The all-male cast of The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes


  1. I remember those old school girdles also, still to this day I always wear a control panty at least. In the 60's ans 70's a lady didn't the house without a girdle, hose, and slip.

    I was surprise at how expensive they are WOW.

    The cost of glamour

  2. Stana,

    I just had to comment because my standard foundation garments are exactly the two you describe in this post. I wear a Rago girlde and long line bra. The combination gives me a narrow waist without the need for a cincher. Of course, I wear hip and bottom pads under the girdle so that aids in giving me a feminine silhouette. I love Rago products.



  3. Julie M ShawSeptember 30, 2017

    Thank you so much! I have been looking for a long line bra for a while now. This recommendation is VERY helpful.

    1. Here is a tip: Order one band size larger than the size you think you need. I ordered according to my normal bra size and the cups were perfect, but the band was too small by about and inch and a half, so I sent it back and ordered the next larger band size.

  4. Love girdles like that. Have always want to wear one. Am going to have to get one. Thanks for the information about them.

    Julie Ann