Tuesday, September 26, 2017


The firestorm here last week spread to other blogs.

In reference to what I wrote, a reader made the following comment on another blog, "To suggest that ridicule and violence are okay because someone isn't good enough at their makeup skills, or didn't put enough effort into their outfit is ridiculous. More than that, it is dangerous. It hands the close-minded bigots a trans-approved excuse to be as mean and as cruel as they like."


Go back and read what I wrote (not what the commenting trolls wrote) and it is clear that I never suggested that ridicule and violence are okay for any reason.

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe (Source: Bebe)

Bojan Jambrošić
Bojan Jambrošić femulates on Your Face Sounds Familiar on Croatian television.


  1. I felt I was very clear last week by what I meant here, I used the words “gestures” and “signals”. I made analogies to other peoples and identities.

    However, I was accused of being sexist and reducing women to clothes and hair. I never said clothes make us women. There are all kinds of women, glamourous, plain Jane, butch, femme. They too make a statement with how they appear to others.

    Transgender women do not have a cis female body or features that communicated that fact that they are women so therefore we use the cultural identifiers of clothing and fashion to express ourselves and as an indicator of our identities. That all I was saying.

    I hear your concerns, and respect your opinion.

    Let’s embrace the diversity of the entire transgender community and together fight and protect each other.

  2. Let's face it, all women are held to a higher "looks" standard.

    Violence... not a factor on a trip to Walmart at noon. In a place with alcohol or drugs, risk goes up NO MATTER what you look like, great , ok, or below average.

    1. No Anonymous, I must say no. Women are NOT held to any standard, only those who are followers of some specific idea on how they should be. I am sorry, but if what you say it's true, then how is it that the EU banned size 0 and undernourished models? How is it that many brands are now catering for plus sizes in a positive way?
      Women who are looking to that "standard" are looking for something else, same thing happens to men, the fact that you mention this and believe this is a complete different conversation (everyone is free to believe what he/she/they want), but in real life?
      Stana has been telling this for so many years, her "Women of height" sections stresses precisely that women come in all shapes and heights, that we are all different, that we are beautiful just because we are "we".
      Paula's disclaimer is on point, however let's face it: many first timers are trying to create their idea of how a woman should look like, and those posts are pointing to why is better (if you are Femulating and not just "Fetishizing -again we are all free, but these posts are for the femulators specifically) to do it in such a way that makes you proud of becoming a feminine you. Not becoming any standard of anything. Just walk outside and see women, some look closer to that "standard" thing that you are talking about, and many, many, many more don't. Who get's better treated? Those who act, dress and talk in such a way that makes others respect them, "masculine" looking or not.
      So, let's face it: there is no standard other than the one you think it is

    2. Two words: Red Carpet.