Monday, September 18, 2017

Not So Ho Hum

"Ho hum. I guess what we have been aiming for...a non-reactive reaction...may finally be arriving" was Pat's comment regarding the lack of reaction and general acceptance I experienced among the civilians at the ham radio convention I attended as a woman.

wrote that "the civilians I dealt with treated me like a lady," but I did not mention how they treated me as a lady. It was ho hum, but in an affirming my femininity way!

The civilians attending the convention last weekend were predominantly male – I estimate that 80% to 90% of the attendees were male and probably half were in their mid-40's or older. Females were in the minority. As a result, my male ham radio peers were interested in my appearance. Guys were checking me out everywhere I went.

Whenever I had to deal with a male one-on-one, for example, while making a purchase or asking a question about something in the flea market or in an exhibitor's booth, the male interfaced with me as males usually interface with females. They speak differently (dare I say "sweetly") when they talk to a woman rather than another guy. And when doing so, they called me "Ma'am," "Miss," "Honey," "Sweety," "Young Lady" – never "Buddy," "Old Man" or "Sir."

And how do you respond when a male stranger passing by says to you, "Wow – you're a tall woman!"

Like I said before, it was all good.

Source: Simply Be
Wearing AX (Source: Simply Be)

Justin Vivian Bond
Justin Vivian Bond performs "My Model | MySelf: I'll Stand by You" for the New Museum exhibition "Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon" (Source: Nathan Bajar for The New York Times)


  1. What do you say to that passerby who says "wow, you're a tall woman!"

    "Yes, I am."

  2. and of course they wre all talking to your face and no lower!

  3. It's a little different for me because I go out as a man in feminine clothes. No wig, no makeup, hairy legs under pantyhose. While I would have liked someone to compliment me on the stylish Talbots print dress I was wearing when I went out last week, I just got smiles from the people I encountered. At least no one laughed or threatened me, not in the liberal city of Minneapolis. That's my version of the ho-hum.

  4. Stana
    It sounds as if you are being accepted and treated as a woman
    Just make sure you react like one

    1. I am a woman, so how else can I react.