Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Looking Good

Paula Gaikowski sent me this link to a BuzzFeed article titled "19 Insanely Useful Makeup Tips For Trans Women." It is interesting on two fronts.

1. It has some useful makeup tips intended for women like us. (I even learned a few things.)

2. Articles like this usually appear on trans-related blogs, websites, etc., but in this case, the article appeared on what is considered a mainstream "civilian website."

That's progress!

Source: Olivia Palermo
Wearing Banana Republic (Source: Olivia Palermo)

Brendan Jordan
Brendan Jordan, femulating womenswear model

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  1. The perfect way to cover a beard is to wait until you're old enough to have it turn grey. The problem then, though, is all of the wrinkles you've acquired by then. :-)

    I like Avon's MagiX Face Perfector as a primer. It really does reduce the look of some large pores I have (especially on my nose). For foundation, I use a mineral makeup over it. The combination of the two works best for keeping my oily skin from shining through (a problem many trans women have). I gave up on liquid makeup and concealers years ago, and I think I have a much fresher look now (even with the wrinkles:-)