Tuesday, June 20, 2017

All In

I mentioned in my last post that a highlight of my six-week stint working in Kingston, New York, was visiting an old-school lingerie shop in boy mode and getting fitted for an all-in-one.

After I found the store in the Yellow Pages, I checked it out one evening after work. It was located in downtown Kingston, not in a strip mall or shopping plaza, and it looked tiny and inconspicuous… the antithesis of Victoria’s Secret.

For days, I thought about the store and finally gathered up the courage to visit it during a lunch hour. I drove to the store, parked on the street and sat in my car waiting for minimum pedestrian traffic to avoid anyone seeing me entering the store. When all was clear, I exited my car and entered the store as quickly as possible.

A middle-aged lady greeted me. She probably had seen it all, so when I mentioned I needed some foundation garments for my Halloween costume, I don't know if she believed me. And when I suggested that I might need an “all-in-one,” that probably tipped my hand immediately – how many guys know what's an "all-in-one?"

Nevertheless, she was very helpful and after measuring me up, she handed me two heavy-duty all-in-ones to try on and said, "Take these to the dressing room, try them on and call me so I can see if they fit properly."

I did not expect such a hands-on sale, but was glad to have it.

I went to the dressing room, quickly stripped down to my briefs and zipped myself into the first all-in-one, but it did nothing for me. However, the second one did wonders and I summoned the proprietor to examine me wearing the second all-in-one.

"Wow, that was quick," she remarked. I assumed that her other male customers were not as fast as I when trying on their "first" foundation garment.

She checked me out and gushed about my great girlish figure. I tipped my hand again when my face turned beet red in embarrassment. I could not pay for my purchase fast enough and get out Dodge.

By the way, I loved that all-in-one. It was constructed with spring-like metal stays and it gave me a figure like no other. It was my go-to foundation garment for years. I wish I could find one like it today!

Source: New York Magazine
Wearing MISSGUIDED (Source: New York Magazine)

Source Juan's New Male Fashion
Bill suggested that this would be the tipping point (Source "A Day at the Office" from Juan's New Male Fashion)


  1. I well remember those pre mail order days. You had to shop for your pretend girlfriend/wife lol Never tried anything on as that would be a bit over the top.

    1. I used two excuses: Halloween if it was that time of year or I was going to play Charley's Aunt in some local college production.

  2. the picture of day at the office is tastefully done!makes you wonder if you dressed at work full time would others have followed?

  3. It really is amazing how so many of us can remember each and every aspect, emotion, snippet of dialog and our feelings and senses of so many of our crossdressing firsts. You are not the first of our tribe who sat in the car with heart racing waiting for the coast to clear before undertaking a venture.
    Compare the clarity with which you remember your time at the Kingston lingerie shop 50 years ago with your recollection of what you did yesterday. I bet that if I asked you what car you were driving, what color the all in one was, what the woman in the shop looked like and even what she was wearing that you could answer them all accurately and without pauses or second guesses.
    My theory is that every time we stretch the envelop with our T adventures that it is significant and memorable and therefore the event is permanently etched in our memories.

    1. The car was a Buick Opel colored red. The all-in-one was white. The woman was short, overweight, dark hair , about 55 years old and was dressed in dark clothing.

  4. I remember well the excellent treatment I received at a small women's store near Trenton, New Jersey. I phoned ahead to check they were OK with me in boy mode to try on some outfits. The lady store owner was wonderful. I bought several items. Only the shoes have survived to this day.. but I treasure them and the memories they evoke of an afternoon of acceptance from my early days. I was a long way from my home in UK which probably helped my nerves. I wish I might have got an all-in-one also.

    1. In my trans youth, I always called ahead and only once ran into a roadblock when I called a local salon for a makeover. The woman talked to was willing, but she was so hesitant that I cancelled my appointment.

  5. Ah the joy of youth!

    This might amuse too: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4628496/Teenage-schoolboys-turn-class-dressed-SKIRTS/