Saturday, February 11, 2017

Size Creep

When I was a young "dream girl" (dreaming that I was a girl), a "perfect size 12" was the ideal size for a woman to be.

Back then, size 12 was a 35-inch bust, 26-inch waist and 36-inch hip (35-26-36). No matter how much weight I might diet away, there was no way I could ever achieve a circa-1965 size 12. The size of my skeleton wouldn't permit it.

Due to size creep, today's size 12 is 39-31-41 (and the circa-1965 size 12 is now size 6)! A 31-inch waist and a 41-inch hip is possible (I am close to both today), but a 39-inch bust is out of reach unless I had some ribs removed and even then...

So instead of being a perfect size 12, I am a less than perfect size 14. But considering I used to be a size 20, I am a happy size 14 dream girl!

Source: Metisu
Wearing Metisu.

Diego Ramos and Fabian Vena
Diego Ramos and Fabian Vena in the Argentinian stage production of Casa Valentina.


  1. Vanity sizing does make it hard to buy vintage clothing, without trying on first.

  2. Slimming down to size 12 or 14 would be lovely, but shoe size is a bigger issue. Oh, asking the clerk for a size 8 or 9 at the local store would be a dream, compared to finding 12 or 13 (online) with out blowing my budget.. payless offers some but very limited
    love the blog

  3. I am very thankful that I can fit into most size 12 clothes. On rare occasions, even a 10 is possible for skirts and pants. Maintaining our girlish figures is a tough job but we love the results!

  4. hey do you know what tv series is this image from?

  5. Shoes are my bugaboo, as Stephanie mentioned. I have trouble finding shoes for the boi wardrobe ~ Lori almost never can walk in and find a 14 in Women's shoes ~ i keep looking of course, but it is frustrating......