Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Eve Visits Montreal

By Eve T

Earlier this month, my wife and I spent a long "girls-only" weekend in snowy, wintry Montreal, Canada.

We picked a new, small boutique hotel in The Old Port area. I had heard they were trans-friendly and advised them of our arrival, requesting advice and directions for exploring, restaurants, etc. They loved us and we loved them.

What a fun city! The Montrealers embrace winter and all the seasonal activities. Lots of skating!!! We rode the subways, walked all over, took taxis, lunched at bistros. And the shopping! (Great buys on fur, you need it up there). Underground mazes of plazas and malls, subterranean passageways, cobblestone streets and ancient storefronts.

We were both always greeted with "Bonjour, Madam!" and big smiles. The food is gourmet French. Everywhere! Pastries, crepes, souffl├ęs. Try the afternoon High Tea at the Ritz Carlton Hotel (the Ladies' Room in the lobby is lovely!). And bring a larger girdle for potential waist expansion. Oh, and the exchange rate is like a 30% discount on everything. Because its really off-season (February), table reservations are not difficult.

Montreal is an international, cosmopolitan, sprawling city with an active downtown area, Old Port, Gay Village, Chinatown, French Quarter, English side, parks, waterfront; it's got it all. It's hip, cool and modern.

Smile, be confident, be pleasant, have fun and you’ll have a memorable time. But in the end it’s always about the people. I liked the Montreal/Quebecois take on it all... "C"est si bon!" Go and spread the good news!

Source: InStyle.co.uk
Source: InStyle.co.uk

Christopher Morley
Christopher Morley is contestant number 6 in a circa 1970 womanless beauty pageant.


  1. Chis was on all the crime shows in the 70's any many movies always the the bad Crossdresser. Wonderful Femulater

    1. Diane - you have 5 grammatical errors in your short sentence above! Too many errors and a message might not come across. Please see my reply to your comment under MEN FROM MAHER's from the 20th February. Catherine.

  2. Montreal is a wonderful city - saw my first T-girl there in a bar on St. Lawrence street in the 1970s.... she seemed very exotic and certainly a big hit with many of the other patrons... just after I remember hearing Lola for the first time..