Monday, February 20, 2017

Men from Maher's

Bill Maher is a comedian who has a long-running political talk show on HBO. I watch it occasionally because he has interesting guests of differing political persuasions.

I am not a big fan of Maher even though he and I see eye-to-eye on some issues. He is a smug smartass and I don't abide by smug smartasses. After his latest show, it is evident that he is transphobic, too, so now I have even more reason to dislike him.

I am not going to repeat all of what happened Friday night on his show. He invited the provocateur du jour as a guest and then he jumped on the provocateur's transphobic bandwagon with both feet! You can read all about it here.

I will never watch Maher's show again and as a long time customer of HBO, I plan to complain to the network.

The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode
Femulating on stage in The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode.


  1. Hello everyone. I've just looked at most of the clip. Firstly I'm apologetic to say that I am English but don't class myself as the same nationality as Milo Yiannopoulos who is only half English so perhaps I should only be half apologetic. I think the problem is that so many people - particulary the younger internet generation - hone their debating, discussion & people skills in the social media. Here it is all one sided - they rant away for as long as they wish and say anything that could be incorrect or at best a misguided and uninformed opinion. All without correction. Being young they are also stating a viewpoint that is based on inexperience, so they are very easily shot down by an older person with 'lived-in' views - as was demonstrated by the three older guys in the video. I agree that Mr Maher as the host of a discussion should have taken a more impartial standpoint and carefully and dilligently kept a good debate going but instead made personal feelings known and presided over a bunfight of views - a style of broadcasting that we see so often in the media today. Thankfully we have here in the UK some good programmes where proper discussion is aired - many of the programmes being on a radio channel called Radio 4.
    Don't get too upset, but I do hope the future in the USA for Trans will not turn out as fearfull as might be anticipated. The bathrom issue seems to have been so much at the centre of the Trans discussion over there which doesn't quite appear to have the same impetus or relevance over here. Whenever in those environments I always act with respect - as a guest!
    Regards, Catherine.

  2. I miss read your post title as men from Mahler and thought you were writing about my concert yesterday.

  3. Milo Believes in Men with boys sex his views aired today - Not a good person to defend- he has lost a lots of respect

    1. Hello Diane. I'm not sure if you are replying to my comment above when you refer to "Not a good person to defend" as if I was defending him in what I said. Just to make it perfectly clear - I am not defending him at all. I am offering an apology for the fact that he is half British as I am fully British.
      If this is not the message that you meant then I might point out that your use of the English language(my mother tongue) isn't very good in the very brief sentence that you have submitted. In fact it doesn't make sense at all. I would suggest to all femulators who post comments that they take the time to LOOK OVER what they have written and ensure it makes sense BEFORE hitting the PUBLISH button. I have done this 3 time with this comment to make sure I am happy with the way it reads.

    2. ...and still missed the mistake in my last sentence!