Friday, February 10, 2017

He's "a perfect size 12"

I am trying to track down a comic book that contained a story with a crossdressing theme. I have mentioned this here in the past, but it has been a few years since the last mention, so I am mentioning it again in case any newer readers might be able to help.

The story was a parody loosely based on the James Bond 007 films. The spy in this parody was gay and named Jamie. In the story, Jamie goes to a hair salon unaware that the salon is run by the enemy.

While under the hair dryer, the hair stylist hypnotizes him and reveals his sub-conscious feelings that he really wants to be a woman. After undergoing hypnosis, Jamie admits to being "a perfect size 12."

He then undergoes a makeover and soon appears seated in the hair salon chair dressed as a pretty leggy blonde in a short dress and high heels exclaiming that he feels "fabulous!" (I know that feeling) while the other hair stylists gush over "her."

When Jamie returns to spy headquarters en femme, his superior is aghast, but he has a cure, i.e., a sexual encounter with a female. The plan works and the now heterosexual Jamie seeks out whoever was responsible for feminizing him. Turns out his mother, who heads up the enemy, was behind his feminization.

As you can imagine, I read that comic book over and over again and wished I could be so lucky as to walk into the enemy's hair salon.

This story appeared in a one-shot comic book in the mid- to late-1960s. I lost the book in a purge a long time ago. I have no idea who published it or what was the name of the comic book, but I do recall that the book contained two stories.

Unlike most comic books in which one story follows another consecutively, this book had two stories printed throughout the book concurrently with one story printed on the top half of the page and the second story printed on the bottom half of the page (the story I am interested in was the story on the top half of the page.)

This comic book included sex and nudity, so it was not likely found on the newsstand next to Archie, Superman and Little Audrey. I assume it was sold in "adult" shops.

If anyone can provide any other information about this comic book I would greatly appreciate it, so that I can track down a copy to add to my collection.)

Sound familiar? Let me know.

By the way, the image at the top of this post is Superman's "pal" and occasional "gal," Jimmy Olsen being fabulous in a 1973 issue of his comic book.

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Emerson Thorpe dress, Rag & Bone coat, Aquazzura pumps and Dannijo earrings.

Mart Sander
Mart Sander femulating on the Estonian version of television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.


  1. When I was in high school circa 1966-67 I had a history teacher we all thought was gay. Anyhow, I found in his "readings" a short story about 007 doing drag for a reason I have forgotten. Of course "James" did it to perfection and was very attractive to the point of fighting off male attention.

    I have never seen the short story since high school so I really don't know if Ian Fleming wrote it, or maybe the teacher himself.

    1. "Cosmopolitan - shaken, not stirred."

  2. I seem to remember A movie Jane Bond being out late 60's but did not see it . Spoof of James Bond movie with crossdressing spy

  3. Could that be the Man from M.O.T.H.E.R.?

    1. That sounds familiar, but I am not sure.