Friday, July 29, 2016

Things to Come

Femulating in public is more common today than it was yesterday and I predict that femulating in public will become even more common tomorrow. There are two or three reasons for increased public emulating.

One Reason

Every day, older femulators are discovering that the world does not end when they step outside en femme. It turns out that it was a lot easier than they thought and as a result, they all regret not taking that first step earlier (I know I did).

My countless outings en femme, as well as outings by girls like PaulaKimberlyJanieMeget al, who don't think twice about being pretty in public, have, by example, encouraged indoor femulators to try femulating outdoors. 

The more we femulate in public, the more others will try it.

Another Reason

Younger femulators do not need much encouragement. They grew up in a world where the fluidity in gender and sexuality among their peers is accepted rather than excepted (like when old ladies like me were growing up). As a result, they already know that the world will not end when they step outside en femme. The only thing holding them back is deciding which skirt to wear today.

Still Another Reason

Males, who are not femulators, are femulating in public unintentionally by adopting items in their wardrobe that were formerly considered feminine. Today, fashionable males may be seen in public wearing items that were considered strictly "girly" a generation ago.

This growing number of unintentional femulators just further encourages intentional femulators to do their thing.

In Conclusion

In the not-too-distant past, I seldom encountered another femulator in public, but nowadays, I often encounter other femulators when I am out. And I expect that in the near future, we will be everywhere!

(Caveat Emptor: This is a reboot of an 2-year-old post.)

Source: WhoWhatWear
Wearing Timo Weiland jacket.

Audrius Janonis
Audrius Janonis (center) femulating on Lithuanian television's Muzikinė Kaukė (2015).

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  1. I would add that the more often that femulators are out and about in public the more readily the civilian population will accept them. Many women who are otherwise OK encountering a femulator in public still abide by the NMH (not my husband) rule. The more they see and learn that there is nothing to fear but fear itself the more likely they are to relax their own concerns.