Monday, July 11, 2016

I line

Despite doing my makeup for over 50 years, I have never been able to do eyeliner like the woman in the accompanying photo. I figured that it was just eyeliner incompetent, however, when I have had makeovers done by various professional makeup artists, they have never achieved "the look" either.

So now I wonder if there is something physically wrong with the shape of my eyes that prevents them from ever achieving that look. To be specific, I do not have trouble with the eyeliner on the upper and lower lids. The problem is mating the two lines together at the outer corners of my eyes.

C'est la vie!

Source: JustFab
Wearing JustFab.

Grazer Tuntenball, Berlin, 2016
Four fellows attending Grazer Tuntenball in Berlin, 2016.


  1. Do you have hooded eyes? If so, your regular eye makeup tutorials probably won't work. If you have a look at your eye shape and check via Google, you may find many makeup tutorials that'll help. There's some great ones on Pinterest and if video is your thing, YouTube or VideoJug are good too.

  2. I have seen a utube demo where the lass fixed sticky tape near the eye to define the shape required and painted in the eye liner and then removed the tape. ie masking tape for the face.

  3. Thank you for saying it..... I can't either.....

  4. AnonymousJuly 12, 2016

    My skin at the corners is wrinkled and L and R are not the same. Just assume no one will get that close. Jae had a good idea. -Barb