Thursday, July 7, 2016

Got Labels?

By Susan King

This is the first of what I hope are many guest blog posts by my friend Susan, who is the author of her own blog, Transitioning Into Tomorrow.

Growing up in 1960's, I was secretly wearing my mother's girdle, stockings and heels. I love the look and feel of them. I remember feeling bad about it but could not stop. Nor did I want to. Eventually the word crossdresser became my label and my father thought I might be gay.

We did not have many labels back then. Slowly through the 1980's, different labels appeared, thanks to talk shows like Phil Donahue..

Now with the Internet and gender becoming front and center, there seems to be so many labels, I can not keep up. Below is a video that attempts to make some logical sense of these gender variant labels.

There are 21 different labels discussed in this video. I think there is a little overkill and that some are redundant. But the video did help me.


Wearing Ted Baker London.
Wearing Ted Baker London.

6 Pack Band, India's first transgender band
6 Pack Band, India's first transgender band


  1. So a crossdresser, male or female, is outside this labeling of genders? Just curious.

    1. My take is that a crossdresser is not a gender per se. Rather, it is a means of expressing your gender.