Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Beauty and Styling Tips! (Part 2)

By Jamie B. 


Body and Styling

Here are some important tips regarding body and styling.
  • The walk is everything. Fact is, men walk more rigid than women. Practice walking in high heels before you go out. In fact, practice a few nights before you go out. It could take a few tries before you get the walk right. The key is to do a slight sway of your hips with every step you take. If you are walking awkward after a few tries, maybe the heel is too high. Spike heels can be a challenge, so avoid them if you are prone to being a bit clumsy like myself. 2- to 3-inch heels are comfortable to flaunt your girly self in! Don't go overboard and risk looking awkward.
  • Like the Little Black Dress, the classic black pump is always in style. Invest in a pair of real leather ones. Fake leather looks... well, fake. 
  • Buy a stretchy belt in black and one in beige/nude. These are inexpensive and really can complete your outfit. It also creates a more cinched waist, which is vital to looking and feeling girly. 
  • Invest in some bottom-enhancing underwear. They really make a difference with dresses and skirts. Those extra few millimeters really give a nice curve to the derriere. Walmart.com carries them online for under $11.
  • Make sure your manicure is always chip-free and shiny. Buy a clear top coat and apply as needed to prevent chips and a dull look. A fresh manicure every week is ideal. Make sure your cuticles are trimmed prior to nail polish. 
  • Avoid gaudy necklaces that look too bulky or cheaply made. A classic pearl necklace or a few layers long necklaces always look polished. Avoid bulky jewelry in general. 
  • When adjusting your cleavage, apply a matte brown eyeshadow (from your neutral eyeshadow palette) to the tops of your pecs to create the illusion of rounder, fuller breasts. Let the natural shadow if your cleavage guide you where to apply. They should look like back-to-back “C” shapes. 
I hope these tips and techniques have been educational and enlightening. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions by e-mailing me at TGCDStyleToronto@gmail.com. My goal is to make every crossdresser and transgender woman feel like they intend to feel, feminine!

Source: Ann Taylor

Wearing Ann Taylor

Contestant in Colombian womanless beauty pageant

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  1. I Love these posts. Reminds me of that Baz Luhrmann song from the late 90s

    "Wear bottom enhancing underwear, If I could offer you one piece of advice, enhancing underwear would be IT!"