Thursday, May 21, 2015


Thursday, May 14, continued

The traffic was very cooperative and I arrived at the Dayton (Miamisburg) hotel at the beginning of check-in time.

My hotel reservation was in error. My last name was spelled incorrectly and it had a male first name, so I handed the young lady working the front desk my Hilton Honors Awards card and asked her to correct my reservation.

She looked at my card, which has my female first name and the correct spelling of my last name, and said, "They really messed up your reservation, Ma'am."

(That's just what I wanted to hear.)

I uploaded my luggage to my room and relaxed. The hotel was about a year old and was drop dead gorgeous ― one of the nicest hotels I ever stayed in. I looked forward to being a woman in that beautiful environment, so I decided to dress-up for dinner and my radio group's board meeting.

What I Wore ― Fashion to Figure blue belted sleeveless dress, nude patent heels from Payless over Victoria's Secret bra and panties, a forgotten company's waist cincher and Berkshire nude thigh-highs. I accessorized with vintage silver disc earrings, silver dangling heart bracelet from Avon, black watch from Avon and a nude hobo bag from Avon.

I thought I looked lovely and took the elevator down to the first floor to find the restaurant. None of the board members mentioned meeting for dinner, so I assumed I would be dining alone unless I happened to run into someone I knew.

I was immersed in the sound of my high heels clicking on the marble floor when I turned the corner and found four of the board members and one of their spouses seated at a table in the open dining area off the lobby. They all greeted me and invited me to join them for dinner.

I took a seat and the waitress came by and asked, "Would you like a drink, Ma'am?"

At this point, the wife of a board member noticed that I looked different... in a positive way.

I have known most of the board members for 10 to 15 years, so besides radios and board business, we chat about our families, our jobs and our lives outside radio and the Thursday pre-board meeting is a chance to catch-up. This is an opportunity for the transgender topic to come up, but no one mentions it unless I mention it.

They may ask me, "How's it going?" without being specific about what "it" they are referring to, but that is about as specific as they get to the topic. I assume that my presentation gives off an impression that things are going well, and so it goes.

Dinner was excellent and as we finished up, the other board members showed up and joined the conversation at our table.

Seven P.M. was approaching and the board meeting was about to begin, so I returned to my room to get my laptop because I am also the organization's secretary and have to take the minutes of the board meeting.

Two hours later, the meeting ended and most of us called it a night because we had two full days ahead of us.

I returned to my room, removed my makeup and clothing, slipped into my nightie and bed and slept soundly until the alarm clock sounded at 5 AM.

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  1. Stana, I loved your outfit!!! As SheZow would say it's sheriffic!!! and you go gurl!!

  2. I love you in your outfit and would love you to come clean my house!