Saturday, May 24, 2014

Boys’ Girl Day

By Cheryl


It seems that it is common for boy bands in South Korea to perform while crossdressed. Recently, I was surfing the Internet and found this example of a great femulation in South Korea.

Music Core is a South Korean music television program. The show features popular artists who perform live on stage.

It recently completed its 400th show and to celebrate this milestone, they featured a popular girl band called Girl’s Day. As part of the special show, they asked members from four different boy bands to join forces, create a group called “Boy’s Day” and to perform on the show. The catch was that the boy band members were to perform dressed as girls.

Here are links (one, two, and three) to websites displaying photos of the group and here are links (one and two) to YouTube videos of the group’s performance.

This is not just some quickly thrown together crossdressing; rather it is excellent femulation. A lot effort was made to make each member look as feminine as possible.

By the way, each of these boy band members has previously crossdressed. Just Google the name of each band member or the name of their original group to see many examples of their fondness for heels and lipstick.






A pair of stylish femulators in 1929.






Doris Day


  1. I think that most our boy band could successfully femulate; the Korean boys look really androgynous to begin with-- I guess that if you're selling to preteen girls, that's the look. Now I'm wondering what the Monkees would have looked like...

    I *love* the shoes from the late 20's and 30's. So cute!!

    1. Ask and you shall receive: The Monkees in drag:

  2. Where do I start? Envy, admiration i( and I'd say most of "us girls" say I was born wayyyyyy too soon.
    What's interesting is that not only do they make themselves into girls visually by their looks, but also by their body language, movements, exalt themselves as girls, the seductive movements are excentuated. The subtle things that a girl does to make herself look and feel girly and feminine most oriental girls favor straight and shorter hair. Ren has long hair with soft flowing curls, the kind that drive boys and men crazy, and favor in their women.

    The change in generations where the past femulators dressed like mature women headed to church, today it's show as much of your body as you can. Wether men wanted to admit it or not they find men dressed as women fascinating, the more realistic and "authentic the better. Most men would not go to a drag show because they don't want to perceived as gay, and they are not attracted to the over the top and exaggerated image, they are attracted to women. The crowds at quality shows like la cage bear this out, it's "safe" to go to these shows, and they not go see a show that has a man singing a female song standing next a dress on a hanger.

    Just my thoughts, what are yours? I'm curious

    1. Guys are attracted to feminine women and some of the most feminine women I know are emulators. Femulators dress and act more feminine than a lot of women. At Hamvention last week, hands-down I was the most femininely dressed woman at the convention.

  3. Interview:

    Thanks Stana for posting this nice picture

    1. Thank you for the link to the interview, Brian.

  4. That's my motto! It matters little what your age is just as long as you show some skin. It's all covered by something anyway but its still nice to look at. It's also nice to learn "we're" (I speak only for myself here) not alone. Thanks for the other "boys", Stana!

    And BTW, you were the most femininely dressed woman at the Ham-vention!