Tuesday, May 26, 2009

too big on top / too small on top

I am too big on top or the dress I bought at Kohl's last week is too small on top. Either way, I will return the dress for a refund.

I loved the dress and I wanted to keep it. So, I tried it on with two different bras, as well as braless, but no matter what I tried, it was too tight in the bust area.

The dress does not come in a larger size and there is no way I can reduce my size enough for it to fit without removing a rib or two, so I will reluctantly return it to Kohl's this week.

Funny story: I went shopping at a different Kohl's store on Saturday and saw a rack full of that dress with the hangars marked with the dress sizes. I was overjoyed when I saw sizes larger than the size 16 I bought that did not fit, so I asked a Kohl's employee if the store would hold a dress for me while I returned home to get the dress I bought and bring it in for an exchange.

The helpful store employee asked me which dress I wanted them to hold, so I went to the rack and removed one marked "XL." The woman looked at the dress and asked quizzically, "Size 6?"

"Size 6, no it's an extra-large."

Then I realized the hangars had nothing to do with the actual dress size. Whoever racked the dresses did not pay any attention to discrepancies between the dress size and the size printed on the hangar. The largest size that dress came in was still the size 16 that did not fit.

Darn! For a minute there, I thought I had a solution to my tight fit!


  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2009

    Urghh, I hate it when that happens. Why can't they be sensible about these things? There's no point having sizes marked on the hangers (which is where they're easiest to see) if they don't match the garment hanging on them! It really infuriates me when they do that!!! It's not hard to put a sticky label on the hanger showing the correct size!

  2. Probably the difference in a male shopping for something and a female shopping for something.
    As a male we would assume the label is correct, a female would double check to make sure it is correct.
    Just my nickle's worth.

  3. Staci, I think "women of a certain age" discover that they are not the same size on the top as they are on the bottom. So when women get older they tend to go more toward skirts and blouses (2 pieces) over those one-peice dresses!

  4. AnonymousMay 28, 2009

    Staci, What a cute dress. I actually thought it was black and white from the photo, but black or brown, it is very eye catching. You would look great in it. Too bad, it didn't fit. I had the same thing happen when I was looking for a little black dress. The dress I found was beautiful, but fit great at the bottom, but I was to broad shouldered at the top. I couldn't get the zipper zipped. Had to take it back - boo hoo.

    Keep looking girl, you'll find something that fits that you'll love (hint - keep looking for those Daisy Fuentes dresses. You look terrific in them.)


  5. Colleen --- I like the dress so much that I hate to return it, but I can use the money for something that I can actually wear. And, yes, I will check out the Daisy Fuentes section of the store.