Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday salsa

I had a wonderful night out en femme in Dayton, Ohio, Saturday evening.

Searching the Internet to find a nice venue for Saturday evening, I found Therapy Cafe, which looked like a cool place and was billed as LGBT-friendly, too.

I invited three friends to join me on my night out: Jade Catherine and her spouse Christie, who had been a part of my previous Dayton outing in 2007, and Edie, a trans-friend from Toledo, who would be making her debut out en femme.

After spending another exhaustive day at the Hamvention, I returned to my hotel room at 5 PM to get ready. I was in girl mode at 7 PM and phoned Edie to get the show on the road.

Edie was staying in the same hotel as I, so I met her in her room for our first face-to-face meeting. I had never seen a photo of Edie, so I did not know what to expect. Turns out she had just had a makeover at Sephora and she looked great!

After chatting awhile, we hit the road. Edie kindly drove because with 20,000 hams in town, I was a little fearful of driving en femme with my amateur radio call sign emblazoned on my vehicle's license plate.

Therapy Cafe looked inviting, although it was almost devoid of customers. It was 8 PM and the sun had not set, so the nightowls were not out yet. (Dayton is near the west end of the Eastern Time Zone and as a result, the sun sets late there - 8:47 PM on Saturday night, to be exact.)

We found a centrally located table surrounded by cushy couches and settled in for the evening. The waiter was friendly, treated us like ladies, and took our order.

We chatted, drank wine, and munched on pizza as more customers filed in. About 8:30 PM, Jade Catherine and Christie joined us to complete our party. Meanwhile, the DJ revved up the salsa and many female customers danced while the male customers gawked.

A group of six young 20-something women were seated at the table next to us and some of them greeted and smiled at us as they went back and forth between the dance floor to their table. Finally, one woman came over to our table to ask if we wanted to dance.

I had never danced salsa before, but I jumped at the invitation. My dance partner said she would show me how to do salsa; so, on the dance floor, I followed her moves and after the song was over, she said I did fine. I was ready to dance some more, but the majority had had enough of the loud music and decided to go next door for dessert at a wine bar.

It was getting late, so I followed their lead and we were soon seated in more cushy couches munching on a variety of sumptuous desserts. I ordered "crustless" pie (I love pie) and it was probably one of the best pies I have ever eaten!

By now, it was getting close to turning into pumpkin time, so we exchanged hugs with Jade Catherine and Christie, then Edie drove back to our hotel and we called it a night.


  1. I am in awe! You walked around Hara all day Friday and Saturday, then got dressed up on Saturday night ... and went out DANCING ... in HEELS.

    On the other hand, *I* had just about enough energy left Saturday night to collapse in a little puddle when I got back to the hotel ... ;)

    73 and 88,

  2. Trish --- And then I got up at 5 AM on Sunday and drove 750 miles to my home!

  3. AnonymousMay 18, 2009

    Staci - As I expected the dress looks fabulous on you. I, too, am impressed by the stamina you must have by both attending a conference and going out dancing. Then the drive home! Wow, you are definately a role model for the rest of us.


  4. Now that's willpower!

    Luckily, I wasn't driving, because I fell asleep somewhere west of Columbus and woke up near Zanesville.

  5. Colleen --- Polish women are noted for their stamina. (All four of my grandparents were Polish.)

  6. Trish --- Without Mr. Caffeine accompanying me, I might have fallen asleep in the hotel parking lot.

  7. Sounds like a great time, was it difficult to dance in heels? I can barely stand in mine sometimes :(

  8. Jessica --- It was a great time and I had no problem dancing in heels.

  9. Another Ham that crossdresses, outstanding! I'd love to join you girls at the next Hamvention...


    Jenna Renee Evans