Tuesday, June 10, 2008


On Saturday, Northampton, Massachusetts, was the site of the first New England TransPride March and Rally.

During my life, I have driven through Northampton (or "NoHo") a few times, but I have never had the opportunity to spend much time there until TransPride.

It was impressive.

In addition to being a community that accepts Ts and LGBs, it is a great town for shopping and dining in its beautiful downtown area. In the short time I had to explore NoHo, I discovered some wonderful shops that I would like to explore further when I have more time.

At the rally, someone was passing out postcards for a shop that sounded very interesting: Ultra Gal at 114 Main Street. Their postcard indicates that they sell vintage clothing and welcome trans customers.

I looked them up on the Internet, and here is what one person had to say about it, "I love Ultra Gal. It is a great place to shop or just hang out and talk to the wonderful staff, who care so much for people. They have a wide range of wigs along with a ton of old vintage items. The thing that I like most is all the jewelry that they have along with the wide variety of tiaras. They have done so much for the trans community here in Northampton and areas around it."

Sounds like a shop that I will be visiting soon en femme.


  1. That is why I always had COS field trips up there. It is a safe place to bring new members.

    We can go up there in the fall again, after the heat of the summer.

  2. Diana - Yes, when things cool off!