Monday, June 30, 2008

stranger than fictionmania*

I had a very hectic weekend and until this evening, I completely forgot this episode that occurred while shopping with my wife at Fashion Bug on Saturday.

I did not find anything that I wanted, so I just hung back while my wife continued shopping. While I waited, I saw a middle-aged woman walk in the store with a teenaged boy in tow. They went straight to the Misses dress rack and begin looking at the dresses for sale.

The boy did not hang back. Instead, he actively looked through the rack of dresses with the woman. (That definitely caused me to pay close attention.)

The woman found a pretty party dress and held it out for the boy's approval. He seemed to approve and they walked toward the back of the store. At that moment, I noticed that the boy was carrying a purse.

My wife distracted me momentarily and when I looked back, the woman and boy had disappeared. If they paid for the dress and exited the store, they would have passed right by me and I would have seen them. But they did not, so I assume they went into a dressing room to try on the dress.

My wife could not find anything, so we decided to leave. I exited very slowly hoping to find out if they were indeed in a dressing room, but I could not exit slowly enough to get my answer.


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